Thursday, December 15, 2011

BREAKING: NFL Says, "No Immediate Plans To Return To L.A. - Requires A Stadium. Will Work With DIFFERENT ALTERNATIVES" (To L.A. City/AEG)

Goodell: L.A. team not likely for 2012

Developer Anschutz Entertainment Group's aggressive yearlong marketing push for its downtown stadium lost a whiff of momentum this week following news that the NFL isn't planning an immediate return to the area.

Speaking to reporters in Dallas on Wednesday, National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell called Los Angeles a very "viable market" but said bringing a team back to the 2012 season - which AEG had initially hoped for - isn't likely.

"(Los Angeles) is a viable market in the sense that we know there are millions of fans in that market who want to see football return there," said Goodell, according to a transcript of the news conference.

"But we want it to return in a successful way, and that requires a stadium. I don't think we'll be in a position to make that decision by 2012, but we'll continue to work with the different alternatives in Los Angeles and hope that we get a solution that will work." (As in City of Industry?)

SORRY L.A. Councilmembers Jan Perry and Bill Rosendahl. I know you both supported and wanted this. (Bill held a round of meetings to vet the project and concerns and came up with a, "SUPPORT!," position. NO WONDER IT GOT TANGLED UP -- AND L.A. CITY DROPPED THE BALL!)

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