Saturday, December 17, 2011

Did Carmen Trutanich, Bill Rosendahl & L.A. City Ban CANVAS and The U.S. Flag on Venice Beach Boardwalk Under New LAMC 42.15? (VAGUE/IRRATIONAL)

  • L.A City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, Councilmember @Bill_Rosendahl & L.A. City Council SURE DID ban a lot of art & expression in the name of tilting economic scales in favor of ONE side (retail side.) less than a minute ago
  • I CAN'T BELIEVE TRUTANICH @Bill_Rosendahl & Council BANS things under 42.15 that they can do in Iraq, after we fought war for those rights.
  • FEDERAL JUDGE: Maybe I'm irrational? Don't know why I can PAINT a U.S. flag on piece of wood, but can't CARVE a U.S. flag? TRUTANICH 42.15.
  • Federal Judge: Trutanich/Rosendahl/LAPD lets people print on canvas, but ZD can't print on shirt? BOTH are EXACT SAME="PLAIN WOVEN FABRIC!" 17 minutes ago
  • #TRUTANICH & #Rosendahl: 42.15 bans ALL sewn/woven/fabric. Guess what definition of "canvas," is? "A plain-woven fabric." PAPER ONLY/VAGUE? 19 minutes ago
  • FEDERAL JUDGE: Venice 42.15 is VAGUE! Says, nothing sewn/woven. CANVAS definition is, a plain-woven fabric. PAPER ONLY, or can I USE canvas? 25 minutes ago
  • FEDERAL JUDGE: If you want to express your artistry/message @VeniceBeach, MUST KILL TREES! MUST USE PAPER/WOOD! Cannot print on sewn hemp. 27 minutes ago
  • LAPD TO CLOWN: STOP CLOWN! DO NOT TWIST THAT BALLOON AND HAND TO KID! Performers NOT ALLOWED to offer balloons under Trutanich-law 42.15!" 32 minutes ago
  • FEDERAL JUDGE: How come if tourist parents want a clown to paint their kids face @VeniceBeach, it is ILLEGAL ACTIVITY under new 42.15? U.S.? 35 minutes ago
  • FEDERAL JUDGE: How come under Venice 42.15, I can't take a statue of The White House and stick a U.S. flag I made out of beads on top? NUTTY 38 minutes ago
  • HOW COME an artist can't paint on skin, as canvas (body painting)? (Not banning for health. Commercial issue.) ZD can't sign autograph to be tattooed over. 40 minutes ago
  • FEDERAL JUDGE: How come PAINTED U.S. flag has MORE RIGHTS than a KNITTED U.S. Flag? ZD mini-statues allowed, but CAN'T all be the same? WHY? 45 minutes ago
  • I know an artist who takes fallen palms from trees; weaves them; then paints into a U.S. flag. ILLEGAL under new Venice 42.15. NO WEAVING! 45 minutes ago
  • Hello, Federal Judge. I had 1000 ZD mini-statues made. I'm allowed to sell ZD mini-statues, but since they're all the same/CAN'T SELL. WHY? 47 minutes ago
  • Hello, Federal Judge: I knitted a U.S. flag, but Trutanich/Villaraigosa/Rosendahl say I can't display on Venice Beach boardwalk. WHY NOT? 49 minutes ago
  • Hello, Federal Judge. I carved this statue of The White House, out of a piece of tree wood. I'm not allowed to display @ Venice Beach=42.15. 51 minutes ago
  • FEDERAL JUDGE: Trutanich says I can't take painting/picture of White House and paint or customize it w my OWN art, on top, under 42.15. WHY? 51 minutes ago
  • FEDERAL JUDGE: I'm an Indian who makes jewelery as part of my spiritual/religious/indigenous heritage. HERITAGE OVER! ILLEGAL UNDER 42.15!
  • AROMATHERAPY OIL: Made of flower/root/stems/leaves/plant extract w physical benefit, is BANNED at Venice Beach under 42.15. HOW CAN YOU BAN SOMETHING MADE OF PLANTS/FLOWERS/LEAVES? (Guess you can try Canada or Iraq, where it is ALLOWED!)
  • U may say, "ZD, They ban things made of plants. Can't sell cocaine/heroine/pot/etc, made of plants." Aromatherapy/Essential oils NOT banned/illegal in LA/CA/U.S.
  • Dear Jewish L.A. Voters: Trutanich & Rosendahl will throw your Boobie in jail for those crocheted Yomicas, for high holidays, under Venice Beach LAMC 42.15! BOOK HER, TRUTANICH!
  • Tourist parents love when ZD takes yellow sponge/paints like "Spongebob Squarepants," for kids! NO MAS under 42.15. SPONGE=CLEANING UTILITY/ILLEGAL CANVAS!
  • CALLER: Is jewelery still allowed?: ROSENDAHL: YES! Handmade jewelery IS still allowed." (During occasional craft fairs. BILL DOESN'T ADD!) 53 minutes ago
  • Rosendahl saying, "handmade jewelery IS ALLOWED @Venice," cause OCCASIONAL craft fairs. PEOPLE WILL SHOW UP EVERY DAY! Bill DOESN'T clarify! 55 minutes ago
  • 2013 L.A. Mayoral Election - Candidate Profile: Zuma Dogg [Los Angeles Investigative Reporter… about 2 hours ago



In a discussion on food trucks, at an L.A. City Council meeting, the City Attorney told council, they were not allow to make any attempts to tilt economic market scales via municipal ordinance. In other words, the city couldn't pass any laws to ban food trucks for the reason that they were hurting the business and economy of "brick and mortar" restaurants.

There are, however, OTHER reasons/laws that can be passed to address issues concerning food trucks, as City of Santa Monica, recently has, last month.

Similarly, there are issues regarding commercial vending that need to be addressed and enforced upon, on the east side of the Venice Beach boardwalk:

But Zuma Dogg believes a Federal Judge will say, "Where is it written in the U.S. Constitution, that it is L.A. City Council's job to try and preserve the economy of one side versus the other? Where is it written that a municipality has authority to pass law, tilting economic scales of the market?"

[To say, "Eleven stores have closed on the boardwalk, this year, because of the people selling handcrafts and handmade jewelery and custom items," is not a legal argument. The entire local, county, state, national and global economy has hit hard times, and many retail stores and businesses have gone out of business.]

Additionally, I do not think a judge will agree that you can ban ANY form of HANDMADE CRAFTS OR JEWELERY, because the stores on the other side are being economically impinged by the constitutionally protected expressions (crafts/art/clothing/jewelery/etc) made and offered by the artists and performers at Venice Beach. And courts have rules Tshirts/sweatshirts/hats ARE PROTECTED forms of expression. They are the medium of expression/canvas/walking flier/walking billboard...AND THE CITY KNOWS THIS! LIKE MUCH OF THIS ORDINANCE: IT BANS ALL, OVER THE POSSIBLE ILLEGAL ACTIVITY OF SOME. [Ex: Ban ALL shirts (Zuma Dogg's handmade, 1st Amendment protected shirt), cause someone else might sell a NIKE shirt. That is the reason Rosendahl's office gave me. ILLEGAL!]

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