Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Los Angeles City News: ONLINE NEWSPAPER EDITION for 01/17/12 [via http://LACityNews.com] Herb Wesson=Has NO PROBLEM Violating The Peoples' Rights at L.A. Council Meeting, Today. (HERB will be costing L.A. Taxpayers MUCH MONEY over HIS IGNORANCE & ARROGANCE! Zuma Dogg Teaches "Wesson A Stinging Lesson!")

L.A.City Clowncil Communists Bill Rosendahl & Richard Alarcon Want To Make "Greening Non-Profit Art Theaters" A Priority! (How about roads, parks, libraries, police, fire, trash removal, city attorney staff, accounting staff, ALL CITY SERVICES?) Making Theaters more "ECO-FRIENDLY" CAN WAIT, CLOWNS! [PLUS, ZUMA DOGG BITCH SLAPS NEW L.A. CLOWNCIL PRESIDENT HERB WESSON! GONNA STING, HERB! AND COST A LOT, TOO! CHUMP! SHUT THE FUCK UP, BITCH! I SCHOOLED THE FBI ON YOUR ASS!!! YOU HAD ALL # FBI BUSTS, IN 2011, IN YOUR  DISTRICT! I 100% GUARANTEE YOU, FOR SURE...MORE IN YOUR DISTRICT, IN 2012! THE KINGPIN-ICON_PROPHET, HAS SPOKEN!] A LESSON FOR WESSON: L.A. Council President Gets A Little "Fast & Loose" With Interruptions Of Public Comment Speakers. [MEETINGS ARE BROADCAST ON LIVE TV, Mr. Wesson! You Will Be Brought To The Attention of FEDERAL AUTHORITIES, AT THIS POINT! CLEAR ILLEGAL VIOLATIONS!]

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