Friday, February 3, 2012

Zuma Dogg Reveals "Tricks of Pension Fraud Trade" (Report for #FBI) -- As THIS POST from 2011, GETTING A LOT OF VIEWS, TODAY in 2012...PLUS, Zuma Dogg For Mayor...CAMPAIGN BLOGGING STARTS...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!

[PICTURED: If you vote "ZUMA DOGG" for L.A. Mayor, he PROMISES to make EVERY sidewalk in L.A., like THIS ONE in Santa Monica, his first week in office!]

TRICKS OF PENSION FRAUD TRADE: Report details how 1% pilfers billions of municipal dollars. LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Facilitated in Los Angeles. IF YOU TELL HIM I JUST POSTED THIS...WATCH HIM TURN FAINT!: 


Ta Da!: Now that ZD shaved beard, looks like mayoral candidate, again; having launch party, here tonight. Join Zuma Dogg, tonight, at L.A.'s hottest/upscale club. AREAL. 2820 Main St, Santa Monica, near Circle Bar. 

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