Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zuma Dogg Updates on @ZumaDogg Twitter Account...

Not doing daily updating on this blog. Posted a lot of tweets on my twitter account. @ZumaDogg, In the past, I'd been copying and pasting the tweets for the day into a daily blog post, here. But, at this point, let the Icon relax a little, and just check 'em out on the twitter page, if you wanna keep up with what is on ZD's mind. (Fasten Seat Belt!)

JUST CAUGHT THIS FROM HUFFINGTON POST, from a while back. May as well post it, here, for the record:

David 'Zuma Dogg' Saltsburg

Party: No party affiliation.

Platform: "After attending and studying the City Council for the past 6 years, I am concerned about fraud, waste, and abuse that has crippled this city and pushed it to the brink of bankruptcy. Now services are not being provided. It will take a 14 point quality and productivity plan to fix. Until the city embraces that, nothing will improve. They will trip over their shoelaces every time, and now they can't even get up after tripping" -- as told to The Huffington Post.

[Ed. note: W. Edward Deming's "14 Point Plan" is a theory of business management that emphasizes investment in long-term innovation over an obsession with quarterly growth.]

Current Gig: Fraud/Waste/Abuse watchdog, Zuma Dogg blogger and community activist. He is also a City Council meeting fixture and the former Writer/Producer/Director/Host of the Zuma Dogg Show.

Donation Amount As Of First 2012 Filing: N/A

Quotable Quote: "It's easy to take an idealist, "perfect world" stance on citywide issues as a candidate. But then you have to deal with a real situation, with real people, in real time. And I wouldn't be prepared to be mayor of this city without seeing and hearing things from other people's perspective" -- from an LA Times interview when he ran for mayor in 2009.


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