Friday, June 29, 2012

Zuma Dogg w/Les McKeown & Bay City Rollers - "SATURDAY NIGHT" (LIVE TOGETHER in this ONE TIME TV Appearance!!!)

If I'm in a good mood, you can thank the great Les McKeown, who you girls remember as Bay City Rollers LEAD SINGER, and he still is. I HAD to watch "SATURDAY NIGHT" when it popped up mix in with some "suggested videos." I dug the tune in the 70's, like everyone else who was around for it, but of course, beyond that song...the sweet bubble gum sound and pretty boy hair (and face) of Les was not exactly Lil ZD's cup of tea, back in the day. But, now, as I am REALLY focusing on the art and craft of singing/peforming (and the spirit behind it), more than ever, when I watched early videos of Les in The Rollers, I saw what a truly blessed spirit he was/IS, and now consider him to be a TRUE ALL-TIME GREAT and CURRENT LEGEND! Can't hold the looks against him, if I am to be fair. And now, I can do that, since I don't have to compete for girls, with him, which I actually used to have to. ("Oh, David...I already HAVE a boyfriend...Les McKeown!!!" VERY FUNNY, GIRLS!!!) HERE'S MY REVENGE! Zuma Dogg joins LES & THE ROLLERS for LIVE TV Special!!! [Zuma Dogg LIVE via Van Nuys City Hall remote.]
And thanks the Les McKeown for his lifetime dedication of pushing hard to keep the party going and the joy spreading! (We know it ain't easy. I saw the documentary specials on YouTube, too.)

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