Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zuma Dogg Update: Stories From The L.A. Mayoral Campaign Trail (1/21/09)

Since my name is on the ballot in the Los Angeles mayoral election on March 3, 2009, I am being invited to more events, and being contacted over more issues, since there is also a little bit more press on the internet reminding people about ZD.
So here are some things that have come my way, this past week, as I have been out and about at Neighborhood Council meetings, Citywide events and long phone conversations.
ERIC GARCETTI TO LEAVE CITY COUNCIL FOR WASHINGTON?: The rumor mill says that Los Angeles City Council President Eric "Obama" Garcetti recently got married to his longtime partner Amy in preparation of a move to Washington, D.C. for one of several key Obama appointments left. Things like F.C.C. and other commission appointments. If this happens before the March election, where Garshady is up for re-election in CD 13, I wonder how that affects the election.
ZUMA DOGG INTERVIEW IN VENICE ARGONAUT COMING SOON: Vincent from the Argonaut (Venice) read that ZD was running for mayor, so he called me for an interview. He met me Downtown, near City Hall, and he kinda grilled me for two and a half hours. Vincent is a "fan" of Zuma Dogg, I would say, over the past couple years. So the interesting thing here, is that now that ZD is running for mayor, he took it very seriously. So I hope most of it makes it in, cause it may end up being the quinesential article regarding, "Zuma Dogg For Mayor" and why you should vote for me. Since he was really taking that angle.
ZD's LA TIMES ENDORSEMENT INTERVIEW: Yeah, yeah! Zuma Dogg gets to triumphantly stroll through the offices of LA Times, next week, as they allow me in the building for my "endorsement interview." Now don't expect LA Times to endorse anyone besides Antonio. But look for their endorsement to be more of a slam. Saying things like, "There's no one else, so we are endorsing Villar." Or they will list all the problems he has encountered in his first term that he needs to work on in the second term. But it will be a lot of fun for ZD (I hope) to sit before the LA Times and have to answer their questions. Hopefully, they will use some quotes from each candidate in the paper.
OVERNIGHT PARKING PERMITS PISS OFF VENICE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL PARTICIPANTS: Zuma Dogg attended yesterday's Venice NC meeting to address the crowd on "No on Measure B" and to warn the community that Gil Cedillo and Gloria Romero are pushing for the early release of 65,000 state prisoners at a time when the City is also talking about a hiring freeze (or even cuts) on police. AND, with the state budget in such disrepair, there will not be money for the social programs and services that were previously there to help support these parolees in the real world, once released. So it sounds kinda un-safe to be doing this now. Especially, when there are two examples of these, "non-violent offenders" doing some violent killing on the streets of Los Angeles. A lot of these people being released will end up coming to Los Angeles. But besides talking about Measure B (NO) and the 65,000 criminals about to be released into the streets of Los Angeles, it was the "overnight parking disctict" item that generated the most discussion outside in the parking lot.

In the "overnight parking districts" in Venice, they are talking about issusing paid permits if you want to park on the street overnight. Except they are only issuing two per house, and you have to be a resident to park there. (But again, only two per house.)  This will hurt the low income residents who cannot afford the parking permits. Doesn't seem like the United States of America anymore, when you can't park on the street anymore.
REAP: I think the REAP (Rent Escrow) story that I blogged about this week will end up being a big story. It's going to be a big focus for me at public comment at the city council meetings. See my blog story if you missed it on There is a Federal lawsuit being filed over the way the city is treating landlords. I say it sounds like racketeering.

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