Thursday, September 23, 2010

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 7 Minute Interview with CA Assembly Speaker John Perez on CalWorks, Budget, Pension & ZD's Question on "FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY" Problems!

[Pictured: In an unrelated matter, Zuma Dogg is forced out of reclusiveness and has to step down from the mountain to issue a quote to news media on Venice Homeless/RV issue (As seen on KCAL9 & CBS2 News 9/22/10. I guess when I was saying, "With two "g's" over and over, the reporter must have thought I meant something else?]


Had a great day on Wednesday as CA Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger was feeling like a little girlie Gov (under the weather, and having matzah ball soup for lunch) and had his budget pow-wow to discuss the future of CalWorks and the entire budget EMERGENCY CRISIS with Assembly Speaker John Perez and others in his "annex office" in Santa Monica, CA.

Happens to be shouting distance from ZD's window, so when I moseyed out to see what all the shotgun SUV hoopla was about, I saw FOX 11's John Schwada and Bloomberg News' new City Hall reporter, Chris Palmeri, waiting to interview Perez, who came out to answer (mostly John's) questions. But ZD couldn't take it at some point and had to bust in to ask about the FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY as relating to what the L.A. Controller report recently had to say on the inefficiency. (The ZD question, which ends with ZD storming away from the interview scene, is at the 6 minute mark and the interview ended as soon as I walked away, anyway...for those about to complain you missed stuff cause I couldn't take another second of crap funneling into my ears and walked away.) You can see the entire (informative) video, HERE: (

John Perez is a nice and likable guy, but based on what I see in the interview, it's still a big mess and we ain't gonna get pension reform. (Even though he says, "yes,' his head is shaking from side to side "no." (Non-verbal cues, y'all.) John has lots of "tells."

"They'll be back" on Thursday for another round of ZD.

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