Friday, January 7, 2011

Interview with CD 10 Candidate Austin Dragon (To Replace Herb Wesson in March 8, 2011 L.A. City Council Election)

Thank you to L.A. City Council Candidate Austin Dragon for stopping by the L.A. City News studio for this audio interview and video promo. Austin is running against Herb Wesson on March 8, 2011. Please support Mr. Dragon in his campaign. in breathing fire down Herb's neck. (rim shot!) Also, a conversation about Herb Wesson's CD 10 with The Neighborhood News Publisher Dianne Lawrence.

Zuma Dogg Interviews Austin Dragon:

MORE: Zuma Dogg Interviews Dianne Lawrence of The Neighborhood News (Insightful discussion on Herb Wesson's CD 10 "Fiefdom.")

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