Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zuma Dogg Speaks on "Carmen Trutanich for L.A. District Attorney" (I SERIOUSLY Don't Think He's Going To Run...Only Because He SHOULDN'T!)

[Pictured (L-R): Chump and Champ]

With the announcement on Tuesday (5/17/11) that Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley will NOT be seeking a fourth term, cause he wants to go out on top (LOL! Pretty LOW mountain), that leaves the speculation open as to whether Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich will run to replace him as District Attorney.

When Trutanich ran for office, he made a big deal how he wasn't going to run for higher office, would seek and serve a second term, if voters re-elected him and wanted to finish the job voters sent him to do. BUT, he now has a "Draft Trutanich" (self-created?) movement. And Nuch said he will make a decision, soon, on whether he will run.

I seriously DO NOT think he will run. Because he and everyone knows he SHOULD NOT run. When he was elected as L.A. City Attorney here are a few factors to consider:

a) He ran against Jack Weiss. One of, if not THE MOST despised elected officials ever. VERY HIGHLY & PUBLICLY DESPISED. This election, no one is going to be that despised to rally the community against.

b) Steve Cooley hand picked Trutanich to run for L.A. City Attorney and appeared with him in "Nuch's" campaign TV commercials. (This time, Cooley is endorsing someone else as his own successor. Two years ago, it would have been a SURE BET at Vegas that Cooley would have hand picked and endorsed Trutanich to replace him. But, not the case. Not only bad, because he won't benefit by Cooley's support; it kinda sends a message that something is up with Trutanich.

c) Alan Jackson has already mounted a HUGE Anti-Trutanich internet campaign, calling attention to Trutanich's broken promises (if he chooses to run).

d) MOST IMPORTANTLY, in my opinion. It IS true, that Nuch has a job to do, he's pretty early in to it...and with the short-staff and chaos in the office due to a severely cut City Attorney Office budget, how's it going to look if he's out there on the campaign trail, while the office is falling apart. He'd look about as good as Villaraigosa if he decided to run for Governor while the city was headed for the bankruptcy iceberg.

e) Trutanich HAS lost almost ALL of his support from the people who helped him get elected and supported him, from Zuma Dogg (myself), certain former supporter staffers who now blog against him, the Medical Marijuana community that campaigned so hard for him will now be campaigning hard for ANYONE ELSE. And he's pissed off a lot of people with his overall bully shenanigans and overall way he is carrying himself as City Attorney. The People can't STAND him, anymore. The wheels have kinda rolled off his support vehicle.


So you add it all up, and a guy like Nuch doesn't want to have to face the crowd to have nothing but figurative tomatoes thrown at him all campaign. I think EVEN TRUTANICH cannot be SO SHAMELESS as to run for D.A. when he faces so many challenges in the current office he begged us to elected him into, because he would not seek higher office and would finish the term!

EQUAL TIME FROM APPARENT NUCH SUPPORTER: Nuch is going to run and he's going to wipe up those other (non) candidates. None of them have any name ID. And, I doubt any of them can write themselves a check for half a million dollars.

[ZD: Don't see anything about the promise he made to supporters or the fact that the office needs a city attorney, not someone out there campaigning to leave the office. BUT YEAH, money...name recognition...just no shame, honor, dignity or respect.]

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