Monday, March 5, 2012

Mayor Sam's Blog on Herb Wesson's Koreatown Political Awakening Against Unjust Redistricting (AND BRIBE SHAKEDOWNS!)! BIG STORY!

 Witness Koreatown's Political Awakening against unjust Redistricting
** Blogger's note: Special thanks to 2013 Mayoral Candidate/ Blogger/City Hall Public Comment Legend David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg for spending time crafting, last evening, this expose on the Koreatown Political Awakening against unjust City Redistricting in 2012.
But one community stands above all others in the battle for just restricting, Koreatown. Hundreds of Korean-Americans led by a new generation of leaders such as Lloyd Lee, Jimmy Chai and Los Angeles Rising Political Star, Redistricting Committee Member Helen Kim are standing up to this facade of open boundaries alterations and pulling no punches. In this explosive four minute video clip, Lee declares that Koreatown will not give contribution money any longer, in return for no services. 
But most explosive is the allegation made by Chai that City Council President Herb Wesson Staffer Michael Bae solicited campaign money in return for permits and read a letter into record from a Brian Chong addressed to Wesson in regards to this. Wesson denies this charge and Chong says that the letter is a hoax but many in the Korean American Community feel that the letter is real---Scott Johnson.     

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