Saturday, April 14, 2012

Los Angeles Times Publishes ZUMA DOGG & MATT DOWD Letter in Sunday OPINION Section (04-15-12) -- KINGPIN STRIKES A BLOW TO CITY HALL'S PLANS TO PULL PLUG ON TV 35 BROADCAST (Good Luck, NOW!)

Thank you to Los Angeles Times for publishing Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd's letter to the editor regarding L.A. City Council discussion of pulling the plug on TV 35 broadcast of the council meetings, in the name of gadflies.

HERE'S WHAT DOWD/DOGG HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT NOISE! (Good luck, NOW! SUNDAY L.A. TIMES OPINION SECTION? I think more people will be aware of the matter, now.)


Free speech

Re "Gadflies may lose some buzz," April 12

It would be a terrible mistake for the L.A. City Council to stop airing its meetings on TV in retaliation for members of the public like us who speak at meetings. Your story calls us "gadflies." If this means we take the 1st Amendment seriously, we're cool with that.

We've attended hundreds of meetings to express our grievances on important issues, but the council persists in violating our rights through countless interruptions, ejections and 30-day bans.

But the council president is not allowed to interrupt unless the speaker is making an actual threat or is not on topic. When a speaker has the floor, he has the floor.

How convenient to shut down TV coverage of the city's business just when the public needs to see how the city is failing to provide services, issuing layoffs and dealing with an FBI investigation.

David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg and Matt Dowd


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