Sunday, July 1, 2012

Zuma Dogg Records Wedding Standard and 2013 "Song of the Year" - LISTEN HERE: "Take A Look (At Me Now)"

Appears from the Google stats, some folks are checking out "Zuma Dogg," for the first time. Kinda catching me at the tail end of a 12 year whirlwhind, but I appreciate you checking me out; so wanted to pop in with a quick summary as to who the hell it is you stumbled upon.

In 2000, Zuma Dogg debuted on Los Angeles cable TV with a "man-on-the-street" comedy/music/pop culture show. Mr. Dogg was also known for his "Vegas Style" singing performances on the world-famous Venice Beach boardwalk.

In 2006, after City of Los Angeles violated Mr. Dogg's civil rights, as a performer on the Venice Beach boardwalk, he began attending Los Angeles City Council meetings to fight for his right to, once again, be allowed to perform on the boardwalk, as allowed in the U.S.A. -- under First Amendment of Constitution.

The meetings were televised throughout the city, and Zuma Dogg's commentaty quickly caught the attention of Los Angeles public and media. In 2010, Zuma Dogg (and ten other Venice Beach perfomers) went to a Federal Judge on this matter, and the judge placed an injunction on L.A.'s flagrant violations of free speech experession rights.

Today, Zuma Dogg no longer performs on the boardwalk, but hopes his political days are behind him, as he returns to his first creative passion, music. You can catch up on the past tweleve years of legendary and historic triumphantness, by checking out some of the videos in the embedded column on the right side of this blog. More on my You Tube page.

LIGHT AT THE END OF THE DARKNESS: And although I wish I was able to record the vocals better, here is a song I just wrote and produced as a demo for Justin Timberlake to record. A flat out pop wedding classic. But, the degree of my delusions of grandious is still being evaluated, so maybe it's not.

You may recognize the music track that I used for a foundation to tell this musical story. (I put new words and melody to a Babyface music track. Clive Davis can work out a new music arragement for whoever he wants to record this. Sounds like a natural for Justin.)

After working at a bunch of Top 40 stations, being Billboard HOT 100 Chart Director, long-time wedding DJ, and performer of enough songs to know WHICH ONES get the's my shot at creating a timeless classic, for wedding DJs to have ladies drag their guys onto the dancefloor. On American Top 40, I'm Casey Kasem.

"Take A Look (At Me Now)"

Because I'm still in love with you,
I'll never turn your eyes to blue.
This time there's nothing she can do.
I'm staying home tonight with you.
Alone, with you. Alone, Love.
Take a look at me now.
Wanna be back in your life, again.
My friend, don't let it end.
There's much more to see.
I want you to be the one to see with me.
In time, you'll see that you love me.
And, I am still in love with you.
I'll never turn your eyes to blue.
This time there's nothing she can do.
I'm staying home tonight with you.
Alone, with you. Alone, Love.
Come on by.
Take a try.
Hold my hand.
We'll travel this land, like a world famous band.
Take long walks in the sand.
You could be hearing wedding bells.
Enough to keep you living well.
Don't say goodnight, will be your tell.
And this could be my final sell.
I'm ready for rest of my life.
If you decide to be my wife.
The offer's waiting here for you.
There's nothing more you have to do.
Then, something that's too good to be.
Instead of running, she said...
That she is still in love with me.
And, should have know it naturally.
But, Baby time to come on home.
And, not just say it on the phone.
And, now we're hearing wedding bells.
Even our families can tell.
This is a very happy day.
And, now I carry you away.
For the rest of the night.
With you as my wife.

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