Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zuma Dogg Tweets for 10-16-2012: Tweets on Life As Recovering L.A. City (Victim)

Tue Oct 16 - 8:02:39 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Wanna stop tweeting and go outside and talk walk on nice night, but my videos are playing and it's hard to walk away from myself.
Tue Oct 16 - 7:54:53 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: I have to deal w fact this most PHENOMENAL performance of "Into The Night," has only 27 views: ZD=ALL VOCALS http://t.co/2GRBpNXj
Tue Oct 16 - 7:48:22 pm
ZumaDoggGonna chill on twitter, for now. (I hope). Don't have phone. Leave mssg, will get via email ASAP. Social services/case workers: ZD=All good.
Tue Oct 16 - 7:37:37 pm
ZumaDogg@BernardCParks: I'm tryin' not to be political gadfly, but U know I LOVE U, like fam. Imagine u laughing=ZD w MarvinG! http://t.co/pcZ4XtMW
Tue Oct 16 - 6:40:51 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: MORE factors=Having internet @ home (as of this wk) is helpful. Too much energy was drained/nerves, being outside 24/7, to surf.
Tue Oct 16 - 6:23:47 pm
ZumaDogg@krazykarl85 Thanks for RT on my music @ http://t.co/hs9s1zs4. Just checked your profile. I think U R BAD for my recovery from madness. LOL!
Tue Oct 16 - 6:21:56 pm
ZumaDoggBeing known as political activist IS gratifying=IMPORTANT; but I STILL don't think as gratifying as singing=which is even BIGGER to society.
Tue Oct 16 - 6:20:13 pm
ZumaDoggFor YEARS, ZD has been SURROUNDED by folks to give props for my LIVE singing of pop music. TRYING to capture on songs @ http://t.co/hs9s1zs4
Tue Oct 16 - 6:15:33 pm
ZumaDoggREGARDING taking the bus: I really don't mind/LIKE it=for SOME trips. (If you are going in STRAIGHT line.) Not so fun, taking to Valley/etc.
Tue Oct 16 - 6:13:25 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: When I was in psychotic state, hard to take bus/too impatient. RECENTLY, I find, I enjoy it (more) & like all the people on bus.
Tue Oct 16 - 6:12:14 pm
ZumaDoggBEHIND DIVA: Now that ZD's psycho energy is calm=can lay down smoother vocal takes. I see why singers are so touchy. Gotta protect spirit.
Tue Oct 16 - 6:04:22 pm
ZumaDogg@PastorEdKeen Though I have found/feel it's not enough, for ME=need to do more, I SUPPORT/am HAPPY for those who it helps, so I gave RT! ZD
Tue Oct 16 - 6:00:47 pm
ZumaDoggSince L.A. was HELL BENT on violating my rights, till too disabled to perform, LIVE, hear my STUDIO take of Rocket Man: http://t.co/O4xEQ4j9
Tue Oct 16 - 5:58:59 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: After recording gratifying take of "Rocket Man," only to trigger bad emotion=how I am now disabled/don't perform LIVE=I let it go.
Tue Oct 16 - 5:57:27 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Everything triggers a DARK emotion. Did STUNNING rendition of "Rocket Man." After 1min of pleasure=reminder/can no longer perform.
Tue Oct 16 - 5:56:25 pm
ZumaDoggWHY do I keep saying I'm in "recovery?" Cause I almost died=living way I was, and NOW feel GOOD. To not relapse=DO have to consider like AA.
Tue Oct 16 - 5:49:27 pm
ZumaDoggTo my former/occasional Dagwood's pizza pal, who went HOLLYWOOD on me=want u to meet me, for 1st time. U STILL HAVEN'T, YET. LOL Recovery4ZD
Tue Oct 16 - 5:48:02 pm
ZumaDoggWHERE'S my former Venice buddy (works for city) who used to help get all those signs outta my way? Would like u to meet me, FOR FIRST TIME.
Tue Oct 16 - 5:46:09 pm
ZumaDoggO.K., not to say ZD is stunning Grammy quality vocalist, but since I'm bored, just recorded "Rocket Man," in ONE TAKE! http://t.co/O4xEQ4j9
Tue Oct 16 - 5:44:10 pm
ZumaDoggCLICK for ZD's DEFINITIVE new version of "Rocket Man" #EltonJohn. You may NOW refer to me as "Captain Fantastic, Jr." http://t.co/O4xEQ4j9
Tue Oct 16 - 5:43:30 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: My county doctor tried to squelch ZD's psycho-fire w BAD MEDS=got 10,000X WORSE! MarvinGayeRadio on Pandora seems to be only cure.
Tue Oct 16 - 4:28:41 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: OK, gotta be ZD nap-time/hybernation since I'm broke=can't fuel/operate/function. Can't push, like I used to, till #5150 insane.
Tue Oct 16 - 4:22:00 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Not sure you know what it's like to LITERALLY not even have ONE CENT in your pocket. LAST MONTH, would have been #5150, already.
Tue Oct 16 - 4:20:24 pm
ZumaDoggHUMAN NATURE?: People more freely express a negative, toward others, than positive. Folks HIDE/are ASHAMED to randomly compliment strangers.
Tue Oct 16 - 4:19:06 pm
ZumaDogg2 WKS AGO, couldn't leave house w/out "Do NOT Talk To Me," sign on shirt. TODAY, I noticed ZD was one initiating fun chat, like OLD days. :)
Tue Oct 16 - 4:15:46 pm
ZumaDoggYou heard of "Casper The Friendly Ghost." I'm "Zuma Dogg, The Empathetic/Benevolent Psychotic." I am being INSANE in your face, but cordial.
Tue Oct 16 - 4:02:46 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: I now GET it. The REASON I am diagnosed "disabled," is cause I AM disabled. Been trying to push, like old days-creates psychotic.
Tue Oct 16 - 3:59:57 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: When the day is another misfire/disability has you dragged under, instead of tweeting into insanity/take a nap/don't try to push.
Tue Oct 16 - 3:58:37 pm
ZumaDoggI don't LIKE to sleep in day, especially on a nice, summer one, like today. But I guess why I am on disability, is to sleep, if necessary.
Tue Oct 16 - 3:57:28 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Foundation of my psychotic meltdowns is when I want/need to be productive to make $, disability prevents the activity. I'm F*CKED!
Tue Oct 16 - 3:54:31 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Been doing better/don't have a phone/Haven't been RUSHING to get new one. Can be like drink to alcoholic=Calling on gadfly stuff.
Tue Oct 16 - 3:52:29 pm
ZumaDoggTHINK on it: L.A. to ZD, "U cannot DO THAT on boardwalk,"when FEDS said I COULD! THEN, L.A. ALLOWS Occupy to do ALL that where NOT allowed.
Tue Oct 16 - 3:34:28 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: I now know=after I was attacked by OccupyLA/City Hall Police WATCHED/did NOTHING=was truly damaging to me. I really TURNED, after.
Tue Oct 16 - 3:30:59 pm
ZumaDoggWhen I was attacked by OccupyLA on CITY HALL PROPERTY, as POLICE WATCHED/did nothing=IT DID CHANGE ME, I see, now. Made me not like people.
Tue Oct 16 - 3:27:55 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: As I detox, I DO realize the OccupyLA thing, put bad taste in my mouth/changed me. Way city handled it vs ZD & the Occupy people.
Tue Oct 16 - 3:25:17 pm
ZumaDoggMy recovery=GOOD. I'm bad off, today (broke), but HAD to walk a few blocks. The same stuff that SET ME OFF, last month/not even bugging me.
Tue Oct 16 - 3:20:02 pm
ZumaDoggLast month=if I were STUCK, like today/disabled by L.A. City, would be tweeting a bad taste storm. Nothing stopping me, today, but RECOVERY!
Tue Oct 16 - 3:18:07 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Though still plagued w thoughts=how L.A. caused my disability, that has me in crisis, today; not gonna go on a "bad taste bender."
Tue Oct 16 - 3:13:20 pm
ZumaDoggJust left the weekly food bank. If anyone needs canned carrots, I got a lot. The rest=ALL EGGPLANT. How do you cook eggplant? Microwave?
Tue Oct 16 - 2:31:20 pm
ZumaDoggI guess I'm gonna have to live with stuff like receiving "Mike Bonin For Shitty Clouncil" emails, though his office caused my disability.
Tue Oct 16 - 2:29:33 pm
ZumaDoggOf 80 songs I recorded, even if ONE was REAL MEGA-HIT=Springsteen percentages: HERE IT IS="Don't Be A Smooth Operator": http://t.co/J4WbcfB5
Tue Oct 16 - 1:54:15 pm
ZumaDoggZD's "The Way We Were," cover, is a song to myself (narcissist anyway). About how, now disabled, reflecting on "The Way We Were" (ZD/Dave).
Tue Oct 16 - 1:41:30 pm
ZumaDoggHow's my cover version of #BarbraStreisand's "The Way We Were," sung like Babs? ZD=a MALE vocalist, remember. STUNNING: http://t.co/3CfSycKX
Tue Oct 16 - 1:34:26 pm
ZumaDoggFor me, at this point, I realize when I write, sing, produce an original song, it's NOT cause ANY one will listen, but the creative process.
Tue Oct 16 - 1:23:18 pm
ZumaDoggANOTHER - ORIGINAL - SONG NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO/CARE ABOUT: But, this is a REAL hit: ZD DUET w Female Vocalist: "You Should Be W Me" http://t.co/3CfSycKX

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