Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Zuma Dogg Profound Tweets on "Recovery" (As L.A. City Gadfly/Activist...KINDA like being in "AA")

I know a lot of folks like ZD for his political tweets, and that IS a HUGE niche/audience. So is the topic of "recovery," "spirituality," "self-help," "seeking higher levels of awareness, towards healing/staying on the road to recovery." Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer fill more seats (AT BIG PRICES) than Councilmembers do at City Hall. (Not a dig...these issues are things ALL people deal with, and applies to Democrats AND Republicans. I've always tweeted EXACTLY what's on my mind, at any -- and all, given moments, as my own creative outlet/therapy). I, feel good, that THIS is what the blog post looks like, today, than in previous (psychotic) episodes. Now, I'm gonna do that thing, Dr. Laura used to always say at the end of every show. (Or at least keep trying, without crying.)
ZumaDoggGonna go outside. In case a rocket falls out of sky, on me & this is final tweet, my message is: "Collective consciousness RULES the world."
Wed Oct 17 - 11:37:39 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Damn, I'm thinking of some FUNNY nicknames/whatnot that I'm not gonna be saying, anymore. My comedy arsenal is dwindling. :(
Wed Oct 17 - 11:34:45 am
ZumaDoggIf u wonder why today's ZD/feels so bad=I changed before your eyes. ZD=not life-long "Taxi Driver." Don't U think I SHOULD feel this way? ;)
Wed Oct 17 - 11:33:09 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: I'm diagnosed, "DISabled." But, I'm not TOTALLY disabled, so I call it "LESSabled." Though I'm not flippin' w tweets=I AM sinking.
Wed Oct 17 - 11:24:03 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: The toughest challenge I face, which I was FLIPPIN' OUT over, past months/triggering PSYCHOTIC=STILL have to do things="lessabled"
Wed Oct 17 - 11:22:13 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: It ain't AA/Gambling/etc. The awareness I needed was, "A good 8hrs sleep isn't gonna 'fix' me back=LIFETIME work=consider it AA."
Wed Oct 17 - 11:19:51 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Process to awareness, leading to recovery=When you run thru reasons (outside forces)=doesn't matter, anymore. Just do what U can.
Wed Oct 17 - 11:14:57 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Breakthrough to healing CAN be fast/instant=doesn't have to be yrs w theRAPIST. Happens, IMMEDIATELY w/AWARENESS, but a process.
Wed Oct 17 - 11:11:56 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: I'm not the one who said it, first; but now FEEL the meaning: "Awareness IS the healing." BUT, a lot of tangled mess to GET to it.
Wed Oct 17 - 11:08:39 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Shame/regret comes from appearing as "A-hole/crybaby/entitled/spoiled brat," who was a FOOL. It IS a disease. Regret will sink me.
Wed Oct 17 - 11:06:59 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Even last week, I had slipped into such HARDCORE disease, COULDN'T even sit at wifi cafe, anymore. HAD to get internet at home. :(
Wed Oct 17 - 11:04:43 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Luckily, Rosendahl's battle made me aware of how sick I became. LAST WEEK=couldn't even walk half block w/out bipolar incident.
Wed Oct 17 - 11:03:10 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Though ZD has been trying to move on from Council life; after yrs on TV=public STILL links 'em to me, 24/7. I gotta appreciate it.
Wed Oct 17 - 11:00:09 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Foundation, based upon realization=I'm linked to Council for (at least) years to come. NOT the public's fault. I gotta deal w it.
Wed Oct 17 - 10:56:55 am
ZumaDoggU MAY WONDER: Why is ZD suddenly tweeting this stuff? (BillR hit me hard/awakened me.) When I was river of bad taste=no one asked. 4Recovery
Wed Oct 17 - 10:52:29 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Some may say, "Never heard anyone speak that way," re: (sick/bad taste dept.) ZD=working 24/7 to keep lid on "disabled guy" talk.
Wed Oct 17 - 10:49:26 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: OK for ZD to say=Council is collective body of inept butterfingers. NOT AS OK: adding, "w dumb/ugly family members & bad genes." ;
Wed Oct 17 - 10:45:20 am
ZumaDoggFYI:Not to get it twisted=ZD thinks SAME of City Hall/collective body of shady, fuck-ups. RECOVERY=how I deal w/express it. I like THIS way.
Wed Oct 17 - 10:43:01 am
ZumaDoggHave to rewire brain=don't wear homeless beard/dirty shirts=just cause I don't think folks should be judged on appearance. OK to look OK.
Wed Oct 17 - 10:36:41 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: A MUST=100% blinders/blackout of ALL media. (Can't even listen to OLDIES station.) MARVIN GAYE RADIO on Pandora=better than meds.
Wed Oct 17 - 10:26:38 am
ZumaDogg@EricGarcetti: Sorry, I was so SICK/my feelings re: Bill. Still got 42.15 issues, but luckily I WOKE UP re: Bill=I LOVE BR/he's #1=he knows.
Wed Oct 17 - 10:22:29 am
ZumaDogg@EricGarcetti: U watched ZD change, before you very eyes. U, of ALL, may be #happy to know=GOOD SPIRIT of L.A. zapped me back down 2 earth!
Wed Oct 17 - 10:14:16 am
ZumaDogg@EricGarcetti: Been tryin' to boogie down to council, ONE MORE TIME, only, to let y'all know, LUCKILY, I now feel SICK about "Ugly" ZD=Sorry
Wed Oct 17 - 10:12:35 am
ZumaDoggAnon: Took trip to Council, Fri=got there, too late. No bus fare=Tues. Couldn't get there in time, today. Will try, Fri=later start time. :)
Wed Oct 17 - 10:07:54 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: I GOTTA let it go, for today: I attended longest streak of council meetings=in past. Today=had ALL PLANS to attend council. No va.
Wed Oct 17 - 10:03:32 am
ZumaDoggAnono: If ZD were, "BLAMING it ALL on mental illness," I wouldn't feel desire/responsibility to ZD/others to CONSIDER myself in "recovery."
Wed Oct 17 - 9:59:59 am
ZumaDoggAnono: U know your words aren't wasted/U did more to bring me to recovery than ANYONE.U R doing better, too=but still "generalize" too much.
Wed Oct 17 - 9:55:26 am
ZumaDoggAnono, re: "blaming it all on mental illness=EMPTY." Some CMs wondered to ZD=WHY THEM? Maybe helps em understand. U R still angry/confused.
Wed Oct 17 - 9:51:47 am
ZumaDoggWas gonna take trip to council meeting. Was told public comment could be at start OR end of meeting. Can't risk that it's first, and miss.
Wed Oct 17 - 9:39:14 am
ZumaDoggWoke up to go to Council to say a few things. Not sure I can get there. I went FRIDAY/didn't get there in time. ZD=ain't what he used to be.
Wed Oct 17 - 9:16:36 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: It's another day to deal with as someone L.A. City disabled/admitted they DAMAGED and I am forced to deal alone/they never paid.
Wed Oct 17 - 9:09:27 am
ZumaDoggI don't think it really matters if I tweet, or not. Not a shred of interaction. Not gonna tweet my way to a career. I'll keep it in my head.
Wed Oct 17 - 9:04:22 am
LACityNewsZuma Dogg Tweets for 10-16-2012: Tweets on Life As Recovering L.A. City (Victim)
Wed Oct 17 - 3:28:12 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Gadfly pals may wonder/not be happy/just left #Trutanich a voice mail, to say I was sorry for "bad taste," like I did for Bill. :)
Wed Oct 17 - 12:28:23 am
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Going to sleep heartbroken and in tears, better than in psychotic/near life-ending fears. #Progress!
Tue Oct 16 - 11:56:43 pm
ZumaDoggWED NOTICE: I don't have my new cell phone, yet. Won't have it in morning, if you call. Leave message, I'll get it, soon enough on computer.
Tue Oct 16 - 11:27:02 pm
ZumaDoggNOTICE: I don't have cell phone, but messages are seen ASAP on computer. I don't carry computer with me, at all times, so may be SOME delay.
Tue Oct 16 - 11:26:39 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Gonna stop tweets, now, instead of 4a. FYI: Can't take Hot923 anymore=SAME FEW SONGS/daily. NOW=ALL KDAY/CottonCandy to ZD's ears.
Tue Oct 16 - 11:15:53 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Mixed-Neuros: ZD=in civil rights battle vs City=I DON'T LIKE CITY. BUT=100s who WORK for City have been SO good/nice to me=I love.
Tue Oct 16 - 10:55:46 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: ZD was engaged in civil rights battle vs CityHall (LAPD dragged in, too), but 99% have been SO GOOD to me=I wanna DO MY PART, now.
Tue Oct 16 - 10:48:24 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Everything's long as I keep myself shut-out from all outside events/news and live in sanitized bubble, like Church Lady.
Tue Oct 16 - 10:22:16 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: ZD=so bad off=he has to create ALL his own music/videos to live in self-bubble. WORSE than the guy, stuck in TV in "Willy Wonka."

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