Friday, January 4, 2013

L.A. Political GANGSTA Rap: "Jose Huizar - Fucking With You" by his KINGPIN BITCH-SLAPPER, ICON Zuma Dogg - via

Jose Huizar is NOT L.A. City Clouncil President. BUT, one time, he popped up like an empty-headed flavor Pop Tart to pop off at the mouth, with his MAFIA-PUPPET OPINION on what Zuma Dogg should be allowed to say, during the #Icon's (Zuma Dogg's) public comment time. HUIZAR, of ALL PEOPLE...can SHOVE IT UP HIS DUMMY-PUPPET ASS!

Now, say, "What," again, PUNK!

"Jose Huizar - Godfather Puppet Boy"

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Hey, HUIZAR: Do YOU live in FEAR, EVERY SECOND, that someone's gonna tap you on your shoulder, and it's gonna be 2 FBI agents with the handcuffs out?


L.A. Gangsta Rap Music Video: "Herb Wesson and the F.B.I." (About L.A. City Council Council President, but not for long...) - via

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