Monday, April 6, 2009

Irresponsible L.A. Mayor Villaraiogsa TO ASK CITY WORKERS TO WORK FOR FREE as Budget Solution! (This is not a joke post)


After failing to stand up as a leader and making the tough decisions during his first term, after giving away raises and benefits to hundreds of thousands of city workers (in order to secure his March '09 re-election); NOW THAT HE HAS BEEN RE-ELECTED, and it has been announced that the city is facing a $7 Billion budget deficit thanks to LACERS (city employee retirement pension fund); on top of the other budget existing budget problems; Irresponsible, non-leader, softy-kiss-ass Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaragiosa today announced that he will be asking city workers to work for free (work additional "UNPAID" hours) to avoid having to fire workers.

SORRY DOUCHETONIO VIAGRAOSA...that ain't gonna cut it.

DO YOU THINK CITY WORKERS ARE GOING TO AGREE TO WORK FOR FREE? Is this the precident you are setting? Is this your solution? Are you actually as dumb as everyone who actually knows you says you are?

So what's the REAL plan to address the money you let your cronie investors lose in the stock market and in risky/shady real estate projects with your bankrupt buddies?

AT SOME POINT PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA AND THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT IS GOING TO HAVE TO STEP IN, THE WAY THEY HAD TO STEP IN WITH OTHER FAILING U.S. ASSETS LIKE THE AUTO AND BANKING INDUSTRY. After all, the city gets Federal money, and at some point they are not going to like the way their FEDERAL DOLLARS are being wasted and swindled.

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