Thursday, April 30, 2009

CALANDER CONFLICT: Jack Weiss To Appear at City Attorney Debate During His Own Rick Caruso-Thrown Fundraiser (Where DO you Go?)

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I was just checking to make sure BOTH candidates (Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich AND Jack "Jackass" Weiss) were going to be in attendance at tonight's Los Angeles City Attorney debate in Beverly Hills, before I wasted gas money going there, only to find out Jackass chickened out.

Glad I checked: Looks like Jackass will chicken out.

And of COURSE he will, on the heels of his boy Antonio Villaraiogsa's pension commissioner having to RESIGN over a Jack Weiss campaign fundraiser last week. (The commissioner shouldn't have been on the invitation and at the event fundraising for a City Councilmember running for City .Attorney. But they say it all starts at the top (leadership or lack thereof; integrity or corruption).

And we all know what kind of City Hall it is with the currently still un-indited mayor at the top. (Lack thereof, corruption.) So then why would you expect anything different out of Villaraigosa's hand appointed board commissioners? Or why would you expect anything else from Villar's hand-picked City Attorney candidate?

You would HOPE for leadership and integrity with billions in pension dollars at risk (which is what it was, at risk. See $7 BILLION pension loss for 2008.) But as Antonio's city hall is, Antonio's city hall does.

And Antonio wants Jack Weiss to be his City Attorney.

So two commissioners are under SEC investigation; and another one resigned over campaign fundraising for Jack Weiss, including a bunch of money from Weatherly investments, involved in the SEC flagging (where pension money was invested)...


Councilmember Weiss has a fundraiser for his City Attorney campaign to attend at the same time held by Rick Caruso, at his pad in Brentwood. And timing couldn't be more perfect:

a) Rick can raise a bunch of money to replace the money Jack Weiss has to give back over his un-ethical fundraising that forced his boss' (Villaraigosa) pension commissioner to have to RESIGN.

b) It give you a GREAT reason why you cannot be at the debate tonight, since Carmen Trutanich WILL be there. And you're no good when you have to speak at anything besides a camaign fundraiser, Jackass. You would have lost BEFORE the commissioner had to resign because of you. (Jack may show up at 8:45pm, but not for a debate with Carmen, just for his own forum.)

c) RICK CARUSO HAS A MIXED-USED, HIGH DENISTY project pending approval in a couple weeks before Los Angeles City Council. It's over there on Burton Way. Rick may want to tear down the existing billboards and put up his own. And there's talk that there may be a need for some waivers, variances and/or exemptions that only a guy who can throw a CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISER FOR A SITTING CITY COUNCILMEMBER CAN!!!

I hope Jack recuses himself from a vote if this is ttue. And I hope City Council votes yes or no based on the merit of this project as compliant with the city charter and all city, county and state laws; and not on the amount that Mr. Caruso raises for Anotnio's City Attorney candidate tonight.

I think it's about time for Councilmember Jack Weiss to recuse himself (step down) from his City Council seat until this election is over.

And if you do not want to vote for Villaraiogosa's hand-picked candidate in the City Attorney's office, VOTE FOR CARMEN TRUTANICH on May 19th.

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