Friday, May 22, 2009

TOO HOT:The Case Against NY AG Andrew Cuomo (by LA Daily Blog Pissed-off Reader)

NOTE: Last night, someone sent me an email who knows I have been following NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's investigation into PENSIONGATE that has already included people like Hank Morris and Julio Ramirez (who must be practicing to be on American Idol because he is singing a lot, these days.) But the email was all about MARIO Cuomo, not Andrew. So I sent back and email saying, "ANDREW is AG, not Mario." But this source (a completely separate source than my Wetherly source) was not mistaking and here is the reply. IT IS EXPLOSIVE, but this was sent to me by someone who has been ahead of the curve all along, and so I want to post it to see if others are aware of any of this to confirm.


The Attorney General (AG) is Andrew Cuomo, but his father, the former governor MARIO is working with every one of these guys his son is investigating per my previous email to you and making money off of them!

He is no different than an effing placement agent except he calls himself a lawyer. Willkie Farr & Gallagher makes Wetherly look like a bunch of lightweights.They are all the same...SHADY!!!

Talk about conflicts. Andrew (the AG) is also raising money from people that are directly linked to the investigation and under questioning.... You want to get this story going? If it wasn't for Cuomo messing things up at at HUD under Bill Clinton we would be a lot better off in the housing market.

I guarantee if you get something going against Cuomo it could be huge because he has more enemies than the Devil and he is just as shady as the rest. Your site will become national -- guaranteed -- and all the people who he is attacking will come out of the wood work.

Remember, Andrew Cuomo will likely run for New York Governor in 2010.

By the way, I have a story that is such a blockbuster, it could go front page across the nation. It is so unbelievable that you would be shocked by it. It has to do with Cuomo's key witness and ( deleted...too hot to post).

Cuomo's office is aware of this (too hot problem with the witness) but they are keeping it quiet because they built their case around him. Also, another one of their witness's owns an NFL Football team called the (NFL team), and it was revealed that he owns a Casino in Peru in an offshore account in the Cayman Islands which would mean he would lose his team, but Cuomo is hiding that as well.

Could you imagine Cuomo is taking his pension case before national security and specifically Israel? This is the exact guy I don't want in office in our country and he is running ramped because he is going to be running for governor.

Let's start a spot called Zuma Dogg/NY. People will flock to it. You gotta get the NY Post to start following you now that the Daily News is following you.

By the way, I will write you a masterpiece over the weekend on Cuomo.


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