Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zuma Dogg Hears OUTRAGEOUS Things About Possible Obama FEDERAL Crackdown on L.A. City Hall Corrupiton (Twtter Posts From The Rumor Mill)


We'll see how good my sources are on the stuff below. Have FEDS been ALL OVER Villar's City Hall since Obama. Garcetti not so smooth, now? from web

I hear Obama's staff is watching the L.A. City Council meetings to see what these knuckleheads are pushing. I hear indictments in Aug/Sept? from web

I heard Laura Chick was heartbroken over Judge's ruling Contorller couldn't audit Rocky's office. Wendy G says she still will, I am told. from web

Is White House watching L.A. Council meetings online cause they are FED up! LA City Hall=Blogovich Part 2 (Crackdown)? Is Villar on tape? from web

Hate to say it but I think LA Councilmember Jose Huizar should be CM most concerned if FEDS crack down on Antonio Crew. No surprise there. from web

Notice how arrogant Blogovich was? Cause it was biz as usual, but FEDS hasd enough so they let hammer fall. Now, ZD predicts Antonio's next. from web

I knew I always liked that Laura Chick. She doesn't like Wendy Greuel, either, cause she knows Wendy is shady over measure B and more. from web

I think Laura Chick is doing much more to fight LA City Hall corruption now as Arnold's watch dogg as she hollas at the White House, daily. from web

Oh no...looks like Obama is gonna make Antonio into the next Blogovich. from web

Eric Garcetti: Obama not happy about you pushing Amnesty Issue now. He knows he's done if he passes it. Solis will be calming you down soon. from web

City of Los Angeles, after losing $7 Bil in pension money, admits they will LOSE Moody AAA rating/chose to forgo: from web

Zuma Dogg Speaks and ACLU responds at today's public comment: from web

When I say I'm happy my blog is on private, then I put it on public the next day; I meant it at time, but things unfold so you change/adapt. from web

When I say I'm not going to Council meeting, then end up speaking it's not that I didn't mean it at the time, but circumstances change. from

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