Saturday, November 28, 2009

Zuma Dogg's Wall Street Advice To LACERS (Pension Money) Stock Investors For Monday (Got With The "Dog")

If the City of L.A.'s economic recovery is based on LACERS pension money invested on Wall Street, I hope they are not investing in mutual funds or actual companies in this volatile market. When you look at the stocks that were actually UP BIG in a DOWN market day, it's all the ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds) that SHORTED the markets that were up as much as 8% on Friday. (And when there is a rally, there are the companion ETF's for Dow (whatever market) going UP, as well.) So I hope if Villaraigosa's pension-packed LACERS board is trying to "win back" the billions they lost this past year...better check into ZD's LA Daily Blog and I hope it's ALL ETF's!

ProShares UltraSh...FXP8.25+0.65 (8.55%)

ProShares UltraShort...JPX20.65+1.54 (8.06%)

ProShares UltraShrt...EEV11.98+0.87 (7.83%)

ProShares UltraShort...EPV22.04+1.27 (6.11%)

ProShares UltraShort...SRS9.44+0.52 (5.83%)

ProShares UltraShort...TWQ27.31+1.49 (5.77%)

ProShares UltraShort...EFU39.75+2.16 (5.75%)

ProShares UltraShort...SKF25.79+1.40 (5.74%)

ProShares UltraShort...CMD16.00+0.85 (5.61%)

For Monday...How about "DOG" for starters? Although it's only spelled with one "G," unlike the two "G's" in Zuma's "Dogg"...GOTTA GO WITH THE "DOG" ETF for Monday. Don't EVER bet agains the it one "G" or two.

MONDAY 12 MIDNIGHT UPDATE - 11/30/09: Long term, I like the SHORT ETF's, but don't just jump in on Monday morning, yet...based on this post, because a lot of news has come out over the it's not a "no brainer" it could have been.

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