Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Zuma Dogg Twitter Update for 12.23.09 - L.A. City Fraud, Waste & Abuse Needs To Target Lazy L.A. Workers (See Deming's 14 Points)

  1. "The mayor's budget team will address the issue with Council in next several weeks." HOW ABOUT SOLVING IT? You've ADDRESSED it all year!
  2. Villaraigosa aides said mayor's budget team will address the issue with the City Council in the next several weeks. "ADDRESS" or "SOLVE?"
  3. Greuel warns L.A. might have to increase tax revenue to balance budget. HOPE YOU DON'T MEAN "RAISE" taxes when U say "increase" tax revenue.
  4. "I again must reiterate my concern about depleting the reserve fund at end of year," Greuel said. Should have reiterated as Councilmember!
  5. DUH!: Controller says city not out of the woods on budget: Despite some success in reducing employee salar...
  6. Schwarzenegger's plan to again raid transit funds would cut as much as $1 billion from public transportation: RAID IT!
  7. Zuma Music Radio - Holiday Music Mix (But Not Holiday Music)
  8. TOP ISSUE L.A. MAYOR NEEDS TO ADDRESS: For nearly four years, Zuma Dogg has pointed the "fraud, waste and abuse" f (cont)
  9. Wish I had SOME OTHER method or solution to offer readers & city experts regarding city operations crisis. Deming's 14 Points is ONLY THING!
  10. HOW IS CITY GOING TO FUNCTION when L.A. is sending all TOP, KNOWLEDGEABLE city workers OUT THE DOOR WHO MAKE CITY TICK? (See Deming 14 Pts.)
  11. How do you get traffic enforcement to write meter tickets when there's no quota? (Workers sit in car and don't write tickets.) Call Deming!
  12. L.A. CITY WORKERS: FORGET waiting for City Hall to use Deming's 14 Pts. Study it and use it yourself! Call ZD for help. 213-785-7272 (24/7, 365)
  14. RT @ladailynews: County releases first strategic plan to spur jobs: With Los Angeles County and most of its 88 cities.
  15. CITY SAVED! RT @villaraigosa: Kicked off Xmas tree recycling program today. Came up with 3 easy ways for Angelenos to be green this year!
  16. IMPORTANT INFO FR: @villaraigosa: You can cut your tree and place in the green recycling bin, OR next to your green bin on collection days!
  17. RT @CNBCtopStories: Recovery Act May Be Stimulus For Fraud and Waste #CorporateFraud
  18. RT @latimes: Gov. Schwarzenegger to seek federal aid, threatens drastic California budget cuts RT @latimeslocal
  19. I don't have a single penny on me as I type this. Finally have apt, but not a cent for a THING, like food. If in S.Monica. let's have lunch!
  20. At this point, it's beating dead horse to blog on how mayor screwed up. NEED TO SHIFT FOCUS TO OFFERING SOLUTIONS now that all are aware.
  21. ACTIVIST BLOGS: I think at this point, we are all aware of what a failure this mayor is & why. Post SOLUTIONS instead of beating dead horse.
  22. At least ZD knows ONE thing about Randy Michaels...He's a TOTAL Ries & Trout "Marketing Warfare" (Art of War) guy AT ALL TIMES, like ZD!
  23. RANDY MICHAELS: LA Times watchers are learning about him, now. ZD remembers ALL ABOUT HIM from Top40 radio. Culture clash? Should be fun!
  24. Mayor's challenge in '10: Getting city workers to actually DO work, now that fewer will be on job. Many workers just sit and DO NOT WORK.
  25. DEMING'S 14 PT NIGHTMARE: Parking Enforcement ticket writers (who do not have a quota), do not write tickets either, I am told by insider.
  26. Los Angeles Parents Union Organizer Reaches Out To CD 2 "Education Sphere & Parents"
  27. FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY MAKES IT TO LOS ANGELES, As It Pays For Zuma Dogg's Security Deposit For New Apartment Via "...
Zuma Music Radio 20 - Holiday Music Mix (Holiday spirit without same old holiday music. Hit "Play All" button at bottom of player for continuous play.)

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