Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zuma Dogg's Wall Street Closing Bell Wrap-Up: How did ZD's Picks Fare on Wall Street, Today?

Since L.A. City announced the MAJOR and MASSIVE economic and budgetary doomsday scenario that I will blog about in the next post; where the city announced that the economic recovery of L.A. is tied to pension money going back up on Wall Street, to make up for last year's MASSIVE loss of BILLIONS of dollars out of the city's treasury. (NOW ON THE VERGE OF BANKRUPTCY, CREDIT DOWNGRADE, AND THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF ELIMINATION OF ENTIRE DEPARTMENTS, CITY WIDE -- with lots of job loss and loss of services).

So I'm dusting off my Wall Street charts from the last meltdown, because I feel the markets are too volatile for the city to be rolling the dice on.

So when I feel there is a day worth taking a shot with some "picks" for the day, I'll post them, then we can look back. Here's the first warm-up pitch.

The only disclaimer is, these are closing prices at the end of the day. If I were trading these stocks...these "watchlist" picks are STRICTLY FOR DAY TRADING...and you have to monitor the market -- all day -- at all times, during trading hours*.

I went to the council meeting today, so didn't look at any of this until the closing bell. So this represents "worst case scenario" results, since some of this may have been sold at higher levels throughout the day.

So for the purpose of this excersise (to see how well I can do at the end of each day), we're going to have to judge results on a "opening bell to closing bell cycle."

zumadogg 1:42am, Dec 01 from Twitter

RT @wallstwatch: ZUMA DOGG's Wall Street Watch List for Tuesday December 1, 2009 - http://ow.ly/Hr6w

And here is how they fared at closing bell. Pretty mild day. Nothing earth shattering. I can't tel you if this would be considered "good, bad, or neutral results for a day like today. Looks pretty good, cause everything was up, except FEED*

NameSymbolLast priceChange

Cash - Deposit / Withdraw

Ultra MSCI Japan...EZJ63.00+4.63 (7.93%)
Ultra MSCI Emerging...EET87.65+4.61 (5.55%)
Market Vectors Gold...GDX53.67+2.56 (5.02%)
ProShares Ultra Russell...UWC57.45+1.98 (3.57%)
ProShares Ultra...UWM25.23+0.82 (3.36%)
ProShares UltraPro S&P...UPRO148.03+4.71 (3.29%)
ProShares Ultra...MVV38.30+1.05 (2.81%)
PowerShares Global...PIO18.20+0.43 (2.42%)
ProShares Ultra Dow30...DDM44.19+0.99 (2.29%)
ProShares Ultra S&P500...SSO37.74+0.84 (2.28%)
ProShares Ultra QQQ...QLD54.86+1.14 (2.12%)
Agrium Inc. (USA)AGU56.97+1.11 (1.99%)
iShares NYSE Composite...NYC66.35+1.15 (1.76%)
SPDR Gold Trust (ETF)GLD117.41+1.77 (1.53%)
PowerShares Water...PHO16.25+0.22 (1.37%)
Origin Agritech Ltd.SEED13.68+0.16 (1.18%)
Diamonds Trust, Series...DIA104.73+1.15 (1.11%)
ProShares Ultra Euro...ULE33.58+0.35 (1.05%)
Agria Corporation (ADR)GRO3.50-0.06 (-1.69%)
AgFeed Industries, Inc.FEED5.14-0.19 (-3.56%)

As I get more familiar with a wider range of stocks, we may see more maximization in future days. I missed a lot of picks today because I didn't know all the symbols when I cranked this list out at 1AM...and didn't really take a second look. What I was trying to capture, were EMERGING MARKETS (China/Japan) and GOLD. So once I get all these symbols memorized and don't have to look each one up to see what it is...I'll be able to capture more BIG gainers. BUT, again, this was a first pitch on a mild day, so I'll take it.

[*EX: FEED, which was down for the day was UP on the opening, and would have dumped it before the plunge.]

10,471.58 +126.74 (1.23%)
1,108.86 +13.23 (1.21%)
2,175.81 +31.21 (1.46%)

I'll check into the overnight markets, again tonight, and try to come up with more picks for 12.02.09, if anything stands out.

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