Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zuma Dogg's MASSIVE & EXTENSIVE Twitter Updates on L.A. City (and a call for Eric Garcetti to step down as L.A. City Council President.)

  1. For all the refer madness talk on Medijuana collectives causing problems near schools & homes, CAN I PLEASE SEE SOME PHOTO/VIDEO EVIDENCE?
  2. Can leader councilman Richard alarCON please take some photos or video of all the people gathering around Medijuana co-ops causing problems?
  3. ACTIVIST ALERT: Please PRINT this letter and MAIL IT (snail mail, not email) to your Councilmember at City Hall
  4. Council will pass medijuana law that will require them to use discretion ("fudge it") and they'll get constitution suits, like w billboards.
  5. Council put off vote on Medijuana issue until Tues, when it decides whether dispensaries can be 500 or 1,000 ft from "sensitive use" area.
  6. I have always said I liked the idea of a (general) fund-raiser for City of Los Angeles w top music acts like Live Aid or Katrina Relief.
  7. IT'S OFFICIAL: Los Angeles City Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) Miguel Santana is the ONLY person inside City Hall who I want to hear speak.
  8. RT @villaraigosa: Read a great post on our innovative recovery efforts. (HEY DUMMY, You didn't even pass LAST YEAR'S BUDGET YET! SHUT UP!)
  9. WARNING TO L.A. CITY COUNCIL: You sure as HELL better handle your next big item (THE BUDGET) with a whole lot more swiftness than Medijuana.
  10. IF L.A. CITY COUNCIL DOES NOT "get to it" on the BUDGET WORK, and if Alarcon & others GET IN THE WAY, they will be run out with PITCHFORKS!
  11. I MASSIVELY ADDED to my latest post on the SLAP Meeting coming up this month in case you read it already when I just posted it. Re-check it.
  12. Ron Kaye Asks, "Is SLAP the Right Organization To Achieve Goals?" (As He Refers To SLAP In "Past Tense") IS IT OVER...
  13. 3 YouTube Videos by Zuma Dogg on City of L.A. Budget Crisis. I WANT YOU TO SEE THESE VIDEOS:
  14. Saving LA. Project (SLAP): Looks like the group is running out of steam. Ron Kaye now questioning groups' existence in today's announcement.
  15. BIG, Juicy TWITTER Tweets by Los Angeles Activist "Zuma Dogg" (Some MUST SEE VIDEO Links)
  16. Richard AlarCON better start talking the talk of people in his district NOT HIS OWN FUCKING PERSONAL FEELINGS or he'll sink FAST & HARD!
  17. If teachers feel underage students are "getting high" from medical marijuana, bust the adults selling it like liquor, tobacco, script drugs.
  18. If teachers feel students are getting "high" & aren't paying attention, that's an issue to take up with parents. Must be 18 to enter co-op.
  19. "I didn't think today's debate was about the legality of medical marijuana." - Public Comment Speaker @ L.A. City Council ordinance meeting.

I gotta go sooth my nerves over the course of the city under the current L.A. City Council with Eric Garcetti as President, especially. No offense, Eric. I know we have issues over public comment, but I am now speaking of your performance in other areas. I know you have a lot of great qualities, but you have clearly proven to Zuma Dogg that you are not a leader where and when it counts. (Sorry, bro! You're great in many ways, and I'd hire you, because you are a great executive, perhaps...but it's already too late to show that you are a leader with mayoral qualities. You were just sitting up there as council president with all the powers any single person in the city could have, and look where we are today. About the same place as two years ago, and a year ago. Hey Eric, not many of us could get away with a job performance rating like that. (AT LEAST STEP DOWN AS COUNCIL PRESIDENT AND HAND IT OVER TO ZINE WHO CAN ROLL THROUGH THE NEEDED PROCESSES. You're just too sensitive, combative and an obsessive control freak (besides a kiss-ass politician worried about running for mayor and not pissing anyone off) to make any REAL calls or decisions. Seriously, hand it over, bro. You've folded.

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