Saturday, February 13, 2010

L.A. Daily Blog TWITTER Update for Saturday (2-13-09) - OUTRAGE BUILDING AGAINST "DO-NOTHING" (Greedy & Shady) L.A. City Council

  1. WONDER WHO WILL GET TO CITY COUNCIL, FIRST: The FEDS or an ANGRY MOB who happens to catch one walking down street? PEACEFUL PROTESTS ONLY!
  2. THEY HAD THE RIGHT IDEA: They used to have PUBLIC STONINGS in old days. Thinking of Garcetti & Council, makes me think it was good idea!
  3. Remember few months ago: Female driver killed by allegedly speeding cop car with no lights. WHAT A TRAGEDY (that it wasn't a Councilmember).
  4. NO JUSTICE: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Holly, Roberto Clemente all died in tragic air crashes. COUNCIL FLIES PLACES UNSCATHED!
  5. How did an EMPTY HEADED DUMMY like Tom LaBong get elected to council, YOU CD4 IDIOTS! Most important issue: What high school did you go to?
  6. Only 50 Steps (I counted): That how far I have to walk (door to door) to nearest food mart. As soon as someone PayPal's, I can walk there!
  7. ZD not only 1 who LOVES Sade!: Her new album is ranked #1 on music site (among all the youth rap). FREE LISTEN!
  8. OUTRAGE COMING: I think shortly, L.A. City Council will not be able to walk streets of their own district (at least not w/o bodyguards).
  9. AUDIO: @ZumaDogg's OFFICIAL K-EARTH 101 Jingle Shout: -
  10. ORIGINAL ZUMA DOGG SONG: "I Am Big ZD" - Hip Hop Classic! (Not, "As U Can See/Big ZD from the 2-1-3"...DIFFERENT!) -
  11. CREDIT AGENCY WARNING: L.A. City Council Says, "NO" to Using $40 Million (Council SLUSH FUND) To Help With L.A. BUD...
  12. I mention CM Parks has given ZD all the right info regarding budget over past 2 yrs. Dave Zahniser has contributed BIG occasional GEMS, too!
  13. DAVE TOLD DAVE: Once, I aksed David Zahniser what the budget problem was. He quickly replied, "Mayor gave union raises city can't afford."
  14. @Villaraiogsa Hey Mayor, if Garpussy says you cannot veto their slush fund expenditures...VETO EVERYTHING ELSE! THAT WILL TEACH 'EM!
  15. Has anyone else heard that Eric Garcetti hit a kid with a city vehicle while under the influence, then paid the family for silence? ZD has!
ZUMA SHOW - "Week In Review": Here is a link to all of the "Zuma Show" (L.A. City News/Budget Emergency) VIDEOS from this past week. (A LOT OF CONTENT -- and some real over-the-top rants.)

OUTRAGE DISCLAIMER: Of course this is all one big funny comedy parody post and I know you can't really pass a Charter ballot measure to be allowed to beat L.A. City Council to death, even though I DO really wish an MTA bus would fall out of the sky and onto the heads of City Council. (Or at least charter a flight from the pilot of Lynyrd Skynyrd to one of their conventions.)


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