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[Pictured: Mentor to ZD & TR, NLP Co-Founder Richard Bandler. No RB=NO ZD!]

Before Zuma Dogg was the singing, dancing, rapping, ranting City Hall gadfly phenomenon, he was very much into striving to achieve higher levels of awareness and, "the secrets of the universe," whatever those were. And whatever those secrets are, I found people like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Deming, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson were some of the people who were providing me with the most inspiring, effective and comforting information.

Through Tony Robbins, I learned of Richard Bandler. Richard is a co-founder of NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming) that I have been blogging a lot about the past few days.

Bandler was Tony Robbins mentor and Tony based his own program on the teachings of Bandler (and John Grindler, the other NLP co-founder). ZD was able to learn NLP, in person, with Richard Bandler through his seminars in the '90's. (He's still giving seminars around the world, to this day, including a big one in London, this month.)

Without boring you with details, one thing that is NEVER boring, and ALWAYS the most compelling stuff that I have been able to find...NOW STREAMING, RICHARD BANDLER.

Whenever his mouth moves, he is not only explaining the process of NLP as a teacher, but instilling the process in you, and you WILL suddenly notice you feel more uplifted and all kinds of positive creativity starts flowing through you.

AND NOW...on with the countdown!

A LITTLE ZUMA DOGG TWITTER UPDATE, including a little L.A. City News POLITICAL TWEETS mixed in, on top - like (Villar crying that DWP personnel are big, bad bullies not letting him play with his solar panels in the sandbox) and a certain gadfly who is not too happy with the way resources are being used on the 8th floor of City Hall Annex.
  1. If Carmen Titanich ever chose to take an anger management class and head out his ass, ZD could tell him REAL issues that DECIMATED the city!
  2. HEY CARMEN TITANICH: How does an issue that was not even MENTIONED by you during election suddenly become your biggest issue out of nowhere?
  3. SHAME ON L.A. CITY ATTORNEY CARMEN TRUTANICH for draining his office resources on collectives. Like THAT'S L.A.'s problem, Titanich!
  4. Jose Huizar's City Blackberry emails reveals someone (not sure who) misses him; is so lonely & loves him SO much. Any city business, Jose?
  5. RT @LANow: Fiesta Broadway brings traffic problems in downtown L.A. (It brings JOSE HUIZAR CORRUPTION problems, too.)
  6. D.A. Investigated Councilman AlarCON calls for one-year moratorium on rent hikes: (Owners calling for head on stick.)
  7. Thanks for making L.A. Daily Blog #1 ranked local, L.A. blog on BLOG NET NEWS weekly ranker of 100 news blogs. But I am currently STARVING.
  8. SUNDAY MORNING INSPIRATION: From here on in when you read my blog, remember, it's all contingent on belief. Remember what Steve Perry said!
  9. SUNDAY MORNING INSPIRATION: Remind me to tell you about the time I found someone 33 miles away in L.A. County using ONLY mind/body/spirit.
  10. NEW READERS: My name is Zuma Dogg. Probably my BEST NLP exercise was having Tony Robbins bow down to me on stage before thousands. Nice!
  11. NEW Daily Blog Readers: My name is Zuma Dogg. Biggest NLP exercise, probably, was running for mayor of L.A. and getting nearly 10,000 votes.
  12. ZUMA MUSIC RADIO: Sunday Morning Playlist (Up music to make you feel good, not edgy, bitter or cranky.
  13. NLP HUMOR: Although STILL one of everyone's favorite songs, ALL TIME ANTI-NLP/Tony Robbins song lyrics: "Jessie's Girl" -
  14. Q: "WELL then TELL us what those ways are, Zuma?" A: You aren't ready to accept ZD's strategy, yet. Keep watching the videos on my blog.
  15. NLP: Activists are all up in arms over replacing councilmembers, THINKING it will fix things and make them feel good. MUCH more direct ways.
  16. NLP: Personally, I'd rather make CURRENT Councilmembers do what we want, than fight to replace them. But then YOU aren't punishing them.
  17. POINT OF TONY ROBBINS FIREWALK: NOT to teach you how to walk out of burning room.
  18. Don't let a bunch of coked-up Hollywood idiots in skyscrapers control your mind, thoughts and therefore actions and feelings. TURN OFF TV!
AND CASEY KASEM COULDN'T BE HERE FOR SUNDAY'S MUSIC here is ZD's music playlist for today. Uplifting music to make you feel good, without any negative edginess to make you bitter and cranky like ZD is when he isn't watching his NLP videos! (Sign up for free account at and you can listen to ZD's complete 500 song library and all playlists, including this one.

POLITICAL ACTIVISM IN LOS ANGELES: There is growing constituent outrage toward City Hall and voters want to activate to throw the bums out next election. In lieu of sending ZD an email about the effort, go to and get involved there. AND, if you think it's time to change the batter in the mayor's office, there is a MAYORAL RECALL EFFORT CURRENTLY UNDERWAY! Go to for that.


  1. DIET & FITNESS RESULTS: Besides the NLP/Tony Robbins, Mind/Body crap...NUTRITION and supplements are #1. Don't even try w/out it.
  2. NLP: Past 45 days, I've gotten better work out results than I've ever been able to all life. Feel like sharing, how. NLP/Tony Robbins crap.
  3. NLP: Now, after transforming my body in the past 45 days beyond anything I ever have been able to (at my age!) has me wanting to share how.
  4. I don't regret focusing all thoughts, energy & time on City Hall, past 4 yrs. But if I don't start sharing this new material NOW, I will.
  5. NOW THAT THE BOTTOM HAS FALLEN OUT OF CITY HALL, ZD feels like new creative challenge. Getting back to what was on my mind BEFORE. See blog.
  6. NLP: ZD now answering question, "How can you be so down & out homeless and still attend all council meetings with so much energy, and why!?"
  7. NLP: There is a reason @ZumaDogg listed all those "Forrest Gumpish" stories of my life, earlier today. See stories and keep reading tweets.
  8. ZD was pretty down for the count six month ago, living on sidewalks after four yrs of activism. Now in nice apartment. METAPHYSICS helped!
  9. Eventually, ZD will pop in with a LIVE show based on the NLP/Tony Robbins/Deming videos I've been streaming and Tweeting. Laying foundation.
  10. TOP 3 CALIFORNIA NEWS BLOGS THIS WEEK: 1. Orange Juice, 2. SanFranGate:, 3. L.A. Daily Blog. THANKS FOR READING! (#1 Local, L.A. blog!)
  11. VIDEO: Tony Robbins LIVE Seminar. See actual video of a real seminar. Not just infomercial clips. Bill Clinton Intro:
  12. ZUMA DOGG meter expired: Out of cash=$0.00. Changes my state and direction of day. Although in good spirits, no food=ZD daytime hibernation.
  13. ALMOST FORGOT: #1 PROBLEM corporate and municipal management makes...Falling back on yesterday's successful solutions in TODAY'S conditions.
  14. ZD WON'T LET YOU DOWN: Many of you are used to political blogging, but if you check in, now, and absorb new content, you'll start to soar!
  15. TV CHANGES YOUR MOOD WITH EVERY CLICK: ZD now streaming programming to DE-program you from negative, mindless crap.
  16. MOOD CHANGER: Music sure does a lot to set your mood. ZD wants some FUN music, today, but NOT edgy. ZD's K-EARTH/JACK:
  17. ZUMA MUSIC RADIO: Uplifting music for a nice Saturday that won't throw your NLP training off kilter!: 95 CLASSIC SONGS
BONUS VIDEO - (Sunday Public Service Programming): I saw an infomercial with Promises Malibu co-founder Chris Prentiss. His book on curing addictions sounds like it could be one of the best books ever written...PERIOD! And whether you suffer from addictions, or not, I found Mr. Prentiss to be extremely uplifting and when you hear me speak of NLP, this guy is the walking embodiment of good NLP talk, which always puts you in a good state. The infomercial with host Bob Goen from ET is better than this, but this is great, too. You will greatly benefit by listening, whether it applies to you, specifically, or not. (To watch this, or any embedded video on this blog when the web cast audio is streaming, simply click the volume mute icon on the webcam player.)

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