Monday, April 26, 2010

YouTube VIDEO SEMINAR: NLP Co-Founder RICHARD BANDLER ("The Best of Bandler") - Human Awareness Training

Welcome to the Human Awareness Training Blog. Here are some of the videos I liked best that I found on YouTube, so far, featuring NLP Co-Founder Richard Bandler. As you watch this YouTube video seminar, keep in mind as he is telling stories and explaining whatever processes you are not interested in hearing and learning about, his words are strategically crafted to unleash these processes in your own mind as you watch. I hope you enjoy this guy as much as so many others have. And remember what Steve Perry once said...

What is NLP?

NLP in Education

Why don't people focus more on happiness?

Good Richard Bandler TV Interview on London TV:

LIVE Footage 1:

LIVE Footage 2:

Modeling Strategies of Creative People:

Good Interview with NLP Co-founder Richard Bandler:

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