Friday, January 7, 2011

Zuma Dogg's Theory on Why His 2009 Blog Posts on PENSIONGATE Are Getting So Many Views TODAY!

[Pictured: L.A. blogger Zuma Dogg holds documents exposing PENSIONGATE scandal as exposed, partially, by former NY AG Andrew Cuomo. Are ZD's 2009 blog posts providing investigators with information they need to INDICT?]

PENSIONGATE UPDATE?: Over the past month, or so, I've notice my old blog posts on PensionGATE (Calpers, LACERS, Wetherly Capital, Elliot Broidy, etc.) has been getting a LOT of page views. These blog posts contain exclusive and detailed information, provided to me by high-level insiders who had direct involvement and knowledge of the players and events that transacted. So what do I attribute the elevated level of page hits on these blog posts?: GOTTA be some investigation going on regarding PensionGATE. Much of the New York stuff has been prosecuted by then AG Andrew Cuomo. And I have always maintained that any pension corruption tactics are tied to California and Los Angeles. The players BUSTED in New York were PEOPLE OUT OF L.A., like Elliot Broidy who plead guilty. And Dan Weinstein and Vicky Shiff of Wetherly Capital who took a deal with Cuomo that put them out of the pension business FOR LIFE. Keep in mind, when Antonio Villaraiogsa took office, the FIRST THING HE DID was appoint Elliot Broidy to the LACERS pension commission -- and appointed Wetherly Capital's longtime attorney as head of the CRA (William H. Jackson). So like Grand Funk Railroad, it's comin' to your town! (At least ZD sees some indications of such based on his blogger stats.)

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