Saturday, May 7, 2011

Zuma Dogg Catches LAPD Cop BULLYING Kid/Young Adult on Venice Boardwalk: A Truly Sad, Scarry & Tragic Sight. THIS COP NEEDS HELP!

I was walking down the Venice Beach boardwalk, today. Saw two cops writing a ticket to a kid for riding his bike. The one cop seemed kinda like a DICK, so I stopped to see what was up. I see plenty of problematic, young punks -- all day long, but this kid, with his pals, did NOT look like the type of people causing the problems that the added police were sent there for. (They might have looked like doofus-losers...but these guys weren't the big problem.)

So the cop asks the guy his name, and the kid says it. Then the cop asks him to spell it. So the kids, who is against the wall, with the police about 12 feet away (with Saturday afternoon crowd noise in the background) leans forward to help the cop hear it better.

The cop tells him to stay where he is, and go back. (Fine.) But then the kid just tried to start to say, "Sorry..."and the cop starts screaming, "Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. You wanna go to jail? Either shut the fuck up or go to jail...(I'm standing watching in shock and awe as the cop isn't stopping.)

At this point...the kid starts looking around (cause a crowd has gathered) and says, "You're Witnesses!!!! You see this...You're witnesses." (In desperation. And he was right. This cop has NO BUSINESS BEING ON STREET PATROL...and for everything I've seen, this was truly the most pathetic AND SADDEST.)

The kid was kinda nervously smiling and looking around cause everyone was looking and pulling out mobile cameras...and it must have been very humiliating. (Although I probably wouldn't want to spend a split-second with this young adult, EVER...THIS WASN'T RIGHT, Y'ALL!!!)

So ZD had to step in and put the cop in check and tell him, HE was the one that needed to shut the fuck up and stick to writing the ticket. And I asked his name, and as I was moving in to look at his name, other people shouted it out, for me. (ZD VISUALLY VERIFIED) I told the pussy the matter would be followed up on. And then he turns toward me and starts with the old, "Good! I hope you DO call. Go ahead. Ha Ha." AGAIN...DUMB, ARROGANT COPS DOWNFALL, TIME AND TIME AGAIN, CAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN I'M STANDING RIGHT THERE, DUMB FUCK!"

Here three kids/young adults come to Venice Beach -- and end up getting threatened by some LAPD cop who must have been bullied as a kid, so he must have been having a flashback. There needs to be psychological fitness tests for LAPD, and on a regular basis. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS SCREAMING MANIAC! (I know, Zuma Dogg is screaming maniac, too, but I am not walking around with a badge and gun and THAT much emotional damage.

NOTE: I've been walking the boardwalk, paying attention, since at least 2006. If this cop wasn't COMPLETELY OUT OF wouldn't have outraged me, so much...TRUST ME! A Barney Fyfe on the ugly bully tip. And even if the kid was riding the bike on the boardwalk, when he shouldn't have been...there was NO EXCUSE FOR THIS COP'S BEHAVIOR ON A CROWDED SATURDAY AFTERNOON WITH FAMLIES AND BABY STROLLERS AND YOUNGSTERS PASSING BY. THIS MORON CREATED A REAL SCENE. AND NOW IT'S ON THIS BLOG FOR CHIEF CHARLIE BECK TO SEE. (Hello, Captain Grant & Sgt. Reina...You got a REAL LIVE ONE on your hands with this big-shot, bully cop - "MACSHITZIE,"or whatever his (her?) name was. And "Big MAC" didnt' really look tough enough to be talking that way, even to young adults, unless he had his partner, standing right there next to him. (I'm sure that's why he was. Again...cowardly-bully issues. Have his looked into, please.)

SIDEBAR: While LAPD was harassing kid for riding his bike, ZD saw Recs & Park MOTORIZED vehicle (giant cart) zooming down BIKE PATH! (UNPRECEDENTED!) A MOTORIZED city vehicle zoomin' down Venice Beach BIKE PATH - ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON!?! (Do I need to post to penal code for driving motorized vehicles on the Ocean Front Walk bike path?) Try Speedway Dr., bro...that's what it's there for!

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