Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ad Hoc Meeting on L.A's (Alleged) NFL Stadium, DWP Ratepayer Legalease Committee Report & City Hall "Adjusts" Non-Union City Workers Pay & Pension

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DAMN! City of Los Angeles caving in from the shadiness, when ZD takes a peek at the agendas (City Council and Committee Meetings from yesterday and today.) Here are links to PDF reports on TOP CITY ISSUES you have been reading about. Plus, links to any other L.A. City related story, ZD looked at. (Plus, RANTS!)

NOTE: L.A. City Council President Eric "Garshady" Garcetti wraps up his (final) term as President? New vote for next term during the Council meeting on Friday, July 1st. Word is Herb Wesson has the votes to become next Council president. (Eric is supposed to be stepping down to focus on his mayoral candidacy.) Zuma Dogg has been conspiratorial as to why he hasn't announced an exploratory committee to being fundraising, since the other city hall candidates (plus Austin Beutner) already have raised over $200,000, each. The conspiracy theory running through ZD's hopeful mind is he has to wait, cause his office has been questioned by the FBI over the Bonnie Brae affordable housing project in his district. And there IS a massive investigation into city hall, with phones being tapped and wires being worn for over two years, now. SO MAYBE HE DOESN'T WANT TO ANNOUNCE TILL HE'S SURE HE'S CLEARED (or not). OR, maybe he'll step down as council president, by design, and announce he's running for mayor. (Although he's got ZERO chance of winning.)

Zuma Tweets

  • LA City Hall BUDGET & FINANCE REPORT on "status of labor negotiations with unions for '11-'12 budget. (Status reports!) about a minute ago
  • L.A. CAO SANTANA'S REPORT on "salary adjustments" for non-union city workers. (Let me guess...adjusted DOWN!) 5 minutes ago
  • READ THE FULL LEGALESE REPORT from Wed 6/29 Committee meeting on DWP Ratepayer Advocate from CITY'S legal perspective: 9 minutes
  • THURS 6/30: AD HOC MEETING ON DOWNTOWN LA. ALLEGED #NFL Stadium/Events Center (9:30am/City Hall). Agenda: 15 minutes ago
  • 6/30/11 AD HOC (SMAD HOC) MEETING ON L.A. STADIUM/EVENTS CENTER: Verbal report to allow AEG to increase consultant fees from $250K to 400K. 18 minutes ago
  • Two Brown Act violations being investigated by L.A. District Attorney's Public Integrity Office: 1) Wilshire Bus Lane. 2) Olvera St deal. 23 minutes ago
  • For those reading ZD for first time: U.S. Attorney Holder sent FBI to LA CIty Hall to probe, "as high and wide as needed." (To get Villar?) 43 minutes ago
  • FBI INVESTIGATES L.A. CITY HALL: U.S. Attorney's Office doesn't send FBI agents from D.C. to bust 3 building inspectors for $9000 bribes. 44 minutes ago
  • TOP STORY FOR 06/11: LA Times confirms ZD's long-time mentions that FBI has been investigating city hall for over 2 yrs. (Phone taps/wires.) 45 minutes ago
  • AEG picks architect for non-existent #NFL stadium for non-existent NFL team, for non-existence NFL demand. PERFECT 4 LA! 50 minutes ago
  • ABC7 NEWS VIDEO REPORT & TRANSCRIPT: L.A. City Hall examining city employee bonuses as they look to cut spending. 52 minutes ago
  • NOMINEES TO BE INVESTIGATED IN THE FUTURE/See History: Villaraigosa announces (shady) nominations to Public Works Board. 55
  • DAILY NEWS: DWP advocates for silly-heart, losers who like added bureaucracy while corrupt entity runs shell game on naive suckers. about an hour ago
  • DWP Ratepayer Advocate Board reminds me of Valley succession talk. Settled for meetings, couple times a year in Van Nuys. Now DWP advocates! about an hour ago
  • DWP: "LOOK, we're really in trouble and need to raise rates to cover increased costs & infrastructure." DWP ADVOCATES: "NO HIKE!" DWP: "OK." about an hour ago
  • DWP ADVOCATE BOARD: More bureaucracy layers of nutty. If DWP wanted to be efficient/not corrupt, they would. Corruption running shell game! about an hour ago
  • ZD parts ways w other community activists: This whole DWP ratepayer advocate board is SILLY, MADNESS! They aren't screwing you by accident? about an hour ago
  • Villar on DWP public advocate: Another (big) step towards guaranteeing DWP practices responsible spending. (Why does it take this for that?) about an hour ago

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