Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AUDIO: Bud Ovrom Speaks at L.A. City Council Special Committee Meeting on Bribes, Corruption & FBI Investigation Into Building & Safety Department

Gotta love Twitter and related tweet products that allow Zuma Dogg to concentrate a lot of info in a little space. DO NOT BE BAMBOOZLED BY THIS SHORT POST. It contains:

1. Committee Reports from Tuesday's (6/28/11) L.A. City Council "Audits & Efficiency" Committee Meeting where Bud Ovrom informed the committee about the FBI investigation into the Building & Safety Department and takes questions from Councilmembers.

a) FULL REPORT: (Enough content to make even Bernard Parks' head spin!)

b) INITIAL MOTION (For The Record):

2. Audio of Bud Ovrom at the meeting, answering questions from the committee and delivering his report.
I read on another blog a few line re-cap, based on a newspaper report, of this important meeting, and you know what...I just wasn't satisfied with the spin and shallowness of the blog post coverage. I HOPE you aren't, either.

Zuma Dogg discovered, VERY QUICKLY, when I started attending these meetings -- and compared it to how other media sources re-capped and reported on what was said...I like to hear it from the original source and read the original reports. So I spent a little time going through it all, and as I listened, I recorded and uploaded the audio for the more DISCERNING blog reader.

LA CITY NEWS...the "Gray Poupon" on L.A. City News blogs. Don't settle for shallow interpretations of Ace Smith groupies or hot air complaining about the meeting.

ALSO FOR TODAY: L.A. City News Tweets for 6/29/11: Are L.A. Animal Sevices Pets Being Stolen & Sold For Profit, CalPERS Pension Fraud Covered by Los Angeles Times and MORE L.A. City News

Here is Daily News' recap of the audio and PDF Council file reports, posted above in this thread. Again, I like the re-caps, but it only makes me want to hear the original source. (ORGANIC NEWS SOURCES, Y'ALL!) So here's the mainstream update that will allow the masses to feel like they know what is going on: DAILY NEWS: Building and Safety chief outlines FBI probe, calling bribe revelations 'violations of the public trust'

AND REMEMBER, DAILY NEWS, LA TIMES and ALL THE OTHER BLOGS that will link to their stories could have provided this content. (Wish they did so I wouldn't have had to...those lazy asses get paid...I DON'T!)

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