Thursday, June 16, 2011

OH NO!: CRA's Chris Essel "DIRECTLY APPOINTS" Shady As Hell Senator Alex Padilla's Brother (Unemployed, Non-College Grad) As CRA CEO Assistant?

I wonder if there was a gun to her head, a family member was threatened to be held hostage, or some nefarious tactic was used to make this happen. (WHAT??? You think I'm kidding?) should hear about the Senator Alex Padilla political and crony circle. DAMN, does that shit scare me. HERE'S THE POST from Ron Kaye LA about CRA/LA's Christine "Empty Vessel" Essel "DIRECTLY APPOINTING" Alex Padilla's unemployed, non-college graduate brother as Assistant to the CEO of the CRA. (DAMN! He must really interview well...OR ELSE!) WHAT? You think I'm kidding? Villaragisoa was able to make candidates who spent their entire life and career toward the goal of running for office, magically decide to "drop out," one day. You don't think this Senator can get his brother put into the highest office of the biggest redevelopment agency with the most amount of money to pilfer over to his connected cronies? FUGGEDABOUTIT!

More on Senator Alex Padilla: See also: "Single human being most responsible for cause of subprime crisis that caused U.S. recession and ensuing stock market crash, if you believe subprime caused it.")

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