Sunday, June 19, 2011

JANICE HAHN: PAC contacts FBI over "hack" attack to determine whether (DNC) and/or Janice Hahn campaign hired, instructed or colluded w/hackers.

EXCLUSIVE ZUMA DOGG/ INTERVIEW: Ladd, of, the producer of the Anti-Janice Hahn Rap Video, Speaks To Zuma Dogg and Explains Why He Feels "Con" Hahn May Have Hired/Conspired Hackers to Attack The Video Hosting Site. Forensic evidence has been turned over the FBI. It's all discussed in this nutty and informative interview.

[MEDIA: Any portion MAY be rebroadcast for air without permission. Reference:]

Janice Hahn: If she'd give money to gang members, hackers ain't no big thing.


Here's the original Fox 11 News Report that inspired the above video:

VOTER ALERT: If you are a voter in the 36th Congressional District...this is an URGENT message from "Zuma Dogg." I have followed Janice Hahn's performance as L.A. City Councilmember, on a daily basis, for over five years. WHATEVER YOU DO...DO NOT EVER VOTE FOR JANICE HAHN. I consider it a threat to public safety. DO NOT VOTE FOR FEMALE SCARFACE!

BREAKING: Did Janice Hahn Hire/Conspire To Have HACKERS Attack "Anti-Hahn" Rap Video Site? (Forensic Evidence Turned Over To FBI)

More on the "hackers" and "hack-chain" as mentioned in audio interview, at

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