Sunday, June 19, 2011

BREAKING: Did Janice Hahn Hire/Conspire To Have HACKERS Attack "Anti-Hahn" Rap Video Site? (Forensic Evidence Turned Over To FBI)

[Pictured: Janice Hahn: If she'd give money to gang members, hackers ain't no big thing.]

Zuma Dogg was contacted by Ladd (of, the producer of the "Give Us Your Cash, Janice" hip-hop themed video which calls attention to the insidious nature of 36th Congressional Candidate Janice "CON" Hahn.

This is not an example of a highly organized political action committee's effort. More like a "guerilla warfare" Tony Clifton type, from the same "Andy Kaufman Training Academy" that Zuma Dogg attended as a child.

So first of all, I didn't know that song is a take-off on a real, smash hit, rap song and those are two of the original rappers from the group. The original song, "Give Us Your Cash,..." was even featured as a parody on "South Park." So that means it's HUGE pop culture to make it to a South Park parody. Then the parody itself, makes it HUGER. (So I expect more to come from this project, cause there's more interest than as just a political campaign video, now. And it appears Janice Hahn is the "One" ya LOVE ta hate!)

I asked the producer about the post office boxes that "Con" Hahn had issue with, turning over the related info to Federal Ethics office and filed a complaint against. The guy BURST OUT into laughter.

The producer has a PO box at that location. And his associate who he had do the paperwork (registration of the domain name) also has a PO box at that location. (Not a big deal.) And the associate has done work for another politician in the past...but this is a guerrilla warfare effort from a guy who really, really thinks Janice Hahn is BAD NEWS. (So don't expect anything out of that, if you are concerned about Huey's people getting busted.)

BUT HERE'S AN INTERESTING TWIST: The website where the video is posted started getting hacked ("service denial," actually, I am told) and attacked and was up and down, throughout the first day of the video being posted.

What the hackers did NOT know, is that the web site techie also used to program for the military. So he was able to crack the code and figure out who one of the several hackers is.

Turns out he has worked on Democratic party related causes. And there may be some more info that may turn out to uncover that Janice Hahn either conspired or hired hackers to take down the site.

Circumstantial forensic evidence has ALREADY been turned over to the FBI who has the subpoena powers to obtain additional information on the hackers. Because the tech guy from the hacked site ALSO has all the forensic info on the OTHER HACKERS, but hasn't been able to crack their identities, yet. (So that's what the FBI can do.) Usually, they wait till after the election. Maybe in this case, something will be discovered during the course of the remainder of the campaign.

HI, JANICE! (You literally make me PHYSICALLY ILL when you speak. Based on tonality, grand-standing, infinite, long-windedness -- and overall STUPIDITY of content.)

UPDATE: AUDIO INTERVIEW: RADIO INTERVIEW: Ladd, of, the producer of the Anti-Janice Hahn Rap Video, Speaks To Zuma Dogg and Explains Why He Feels "Con" Hahn May Have Hired/Conspired Hackers to Attack The Video Hosting Site. (Forensic evidence has been turned over the FBI.) It's all discussed in this nutty and informative interview:

Zuma Dogg website/YouTube videos

Here's the nasally-talks-through-her-nose, annoying, threat to public safey, moron with her idea on how to solve the $400 budget deficet, after the mayor of L.A. called for "SWIFT AND IMMEDIATE ACTION!" (And keep in mind...there IS no gift shop in city hall.)

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