Thursday, July 7, 2011

FULL AUDIO: Janice "CON" Hahn and Craig "Successful Business Leader" Craig Huey on KPCC 89.3 FM (LISTEN HERE!)

[Pictured: Who cares what she says when running for an election. Look at her performance as senior L.A. Councilmember. The city is on verge of inevitable bankruptcy, as public safety services are reduced and overall services cut. HOW IS THAT COMPASSIONATE, "CON" HAHN?]

I think the best way to convince people to NOT vote for Janice Hahn is to simply let people hear her speak, uncensored. If you are a kid, who believes in Santa Claus, you may think she's FANTASTIC in this debate on KPCC 89.3 FM by Larry Mantle. HE doesn't seem to be sold by anything she says. Wonder if her Congress colleauges can be persuaded by her nutty-talk. Her she is reading Anotino Vilaraigosa's talking points, she's been rehearsing. Sounds a little dry-mouthed, nervous and kinda stumbles as she talks. And it's JUST when she's denying accountability of all that stuff in that mean, old FOX 11 NEWS report that hit, last night. Allegedly, she says EVERY credible news sources has debunked the story and proven it false. REALLY! THANKS, FOR LETTING ME KNOW, JANICE. Your exhortation on the matter is good enough for me! Enjoy the interview. The councilmember who brought the idea to create a gift shop in city hall to have a non-profit group sell keychains and trinkets to tourists...DURING A COUNCIL DISCUSSION ON "SWIFT AND IMMEDIATE IDEAS TO SOLVE $500 MILLION BUDGET EMERGENCY; NOW, is going to end the war in time to transfer THAT money into her green solar panel program to create jobs. (Like THAT'S gonna happen anytime soon. Any other ACTUAL ideas, Janice?)


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