Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8/31/11: Wesson's CRA/LA 3670 Wilshire Project UNDER SCRUTINY, Jan Perry For CONTROLLER vs Dennis Zine & AEG Retains CONVICTED FELON on Stadium Plan!

ZD packs a dense blog post, these days. Keeps getting more and more concentrated, as I condense material from the past five years of blogging, as it relates to events and investigations, TODAY! So between the tweets, and the blog post links, below the tweets -- AND ALL THE INFO THOSE PAGES & HYPERLINKS CONTAIN: This single blog post can be you summer vacation weekend reading. Unless you're L.A. City & County elected officials...THEN, DEFINITELY don't read this. You'll be calling EMS for a hyperventilation, panic attack...and we wouldn't want that, ON YOUR VACATION!


  • NET SEARCHES LINKING TO ZD'S BLOG, TODAY: Flora Montes de Oca (Richard Alarcon's husband, I mean wife...we all know who wears 'em, Richie!), Al Villalobos, Richard Ziman, Arden Realty, 3670 Wilshire, Boyle Hts Community Plan. about 4 hours ago
  • AEG RETAINS former L.A. Councilman Martin Ludlow for support on AEG Stadium. Marty was convicted in FELONY CAMPAIGN FINANCE CASE, 5yrs ago. about 3 hours ago
  • "The goal & mission is to nurture future storytellers." - What CRA tax increment BOND, earmarked for property blight, is being used for. 41 minutes ago
  • GLORIA MOLINA: Aren't you PROUD? Of ALL elected officials in Los Angeles City & County, I feel YOU are #1 Top "Kingpin!" Aka: Most damaging. about an hour ago
  • HOW I KNEW IT WAS TIME TO BAN MYSELF FROM LA: When I called LAPD, Sun, and got voicemail, I started screaming on street, till they arrived! 5 minutes ago
  • Not even that I WANT to stay off L.A. streets=missing out on friends/fun on old, daily routine, But, LA blight wore me down/I kinda snapped. 7 minutes ago
  • NUTTY, BUT TRUE: I'm so burnt out of seeing RAMPANT commercial blight in L.A., after 5 yr ZD crackdown, I SNAPPED/CANNOT WALK L.A. STREETS. 13 minutes ago
  • I EVEN TURNED DOWN FREE FOOD, OVER IT: Friend offered to pick me up for dinner at Whole Foods. WAY too L.A., for ZD. BLIGHT ALL ALONG ROUTE! 16 minutes ago
  • LIKE BAD MARRIED COUPLE THAT SICKEN EACH OTHER/CAN'T EVEN LOOK at each other, ANYMORE: ZD cannot even LOOK at LA City or walk it's streets. 17 minutes ago
  • BEEN A 5 YR DEGENERATE SLIDE, including LONG bout of homelessness and BAD ENERGY, being VIOLATED by L.A. I CANNOT EVEN WALK L.A. STREETS. 19 minutes ago
  • MOST won't BELIEVE, cause MOST don't BELIEVE in non-material energy or how blight can trigger bipolar, but if I stay in SaMo, ZD=feels A-OK! 21 minutes ago
  • Don't know how many of you can relate: But part of my new degenerate condition (bipolar) is I CANNOT turn on TV. Haven't turned on in 4 mos. about an hour ago
  • (COMEDY RELIEF!) NEW ZUMA DOGG SHOW STYLE VIDEO: Here's what a little "filler" segment would be like on my show. (TODAY in SaMo) about
  • PICTURE: Perfect place to drink a cup of coffee and tweet about L.A. City Corruption (FBI messages in a tweeted bottle). about 2 hours ago
  • PICTURE: Not REAL, top of the mountain, like us prophets PREFER. But NOT BAD for an urban setting. ZD's new SaMo Tweetdeck. about 2 hours ago
  • HERB, HERB, Herb, Herb, Herb! What WERE U thinking? ZD isn't retired as gadfly. You thought you'd get away with THIS?: about 2 hours ago
  • HERB WESSON: As of today, Zuma Dogg thinks you're in A LOT of trouble over 3670 Wilshire, CRA/LA project. That means YOU, too, CHRIS ESSEL!
  • WILL DEMAND AN IF AEG wants to build a stadium in L.A., they're gonna have to be sure to spend enough $ for Gloria "Kingpin" Molina's ENVIRO-CRONIES, too! about 3 hours
  • Here's the video I took of Gary Busey singing Buddy Holly, at ZD's Malibu karaoke spot...on the TMZ website. COOL! about 3 hours ago
  • YOU MAY BE READING MUCH, MUCH MORE ABOUT THIS IN L.A. TIMES, SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Saw some shadiness on CRA project. See I already blogged about it! SUDDEN INTEREST ON GOOGLE, TODAY, HERB! about 4 hours
  • SHADY ALERT: CRA/LA, June 3, '11. Wonder what negotiated terms of 3670 Wilshire Blvd sale were? Why are people searching ZD's blog for info? about 4 hours ago
  • I never DID find out the term of sale for CRA/LA Property: 3670 Wilshire Blvd.from June 3, 2011 agenda. PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED, MADGEJAN! -ZD about 4 hours ago
  • Posted Carol Knapp's FED lawsuit vs LAHD Rent Escrow will DEVASTATE L.A. Today, the post popped up in ZD's stats. READ: about 4 hours ago
  • BLOGGER JOE MAILANDER SAYS HE HEARD JAN PERRY MAY DUMP CERTAIN LOSER OF A MAYOR CAMPAIGN, and use the $250K+, already raised to challenge dumb moron Dennis Zine.
  • Between Jan Perry & Dennis Zine for L.A. Controller, I'd probably vote PERRY! We NEED a crazy, pissed-off, witch as Controller! AND SHE IS! about 6 hours ago
  • If Jan Perry decides to drop out of mayor's race and run against Zine, for Controller, would probably vote PERRY. At least she has a brain. about 7 hours ago
  • I think between Jan Perry and Dennis Zine as L.A. City Controller candidates, to replace Greuel when she runs LOSING mayoral campaign=PERRY. about 7 hours ago
  • PICTURE: Have to keep a Santa Monica, ocean view, to keep from an L.A.-blight induced bipolar meltdown. Tweeting HERE, now. about 7 hours ago
  • SARGE: Rose parking sign, out, BUT, flush along alley wall=OK for ZD=no impingements. Loss of city revenue from illegal sign, YOUR problem! about 7 hours ago
  • The good thing about a degenerating, "mental nut case" condition is, the variety show in my head gets more and more entertaining by the day. about 8 hours ago
  • Can't WAIT til the day, when Zuma Dogg and City of L.A. are finally settled on my Venice lawsuit and our divorce is final=no more ZD gadfly! about 8 hours ago
  • MOST DEVASTATING wave of ZD tweets & blog posts, over past 72 hours, I've ever blasted on the net! CORRUPTION AVALANCHE: about 9 hours ago
  • Just hung up from FBI. Nice guy. Good listener. Referred him to He told me what they look for. Said, "Call back, anytime." about 11 hours ago
  • I am calling FBI, now, to provide details of Essle, Huizar & Molina money given to Casa101 nonprofit. This shit will stop. about 12 hours ago
  • CRA/LA APPROVES $150,000 to have logo placed on ads/fliers, promoting Huizar-Villaragiosa… about 22 hours ago
  • "There is no conflict of interest known to me which exists." (Emphasis on word, "KNOWN." From CRA file on $150K to Huizar/Molina nonprofit) about 22 hours ago
  • CRA File: $150K to non profit: Paying to have CRA logo placed on ads/fliers promoting the nonprofit, NOT CRA PROJECTS! about 22 hours ago

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