Friday, August 26, 2011

L.A. City News "Weekend Edition": FBI INVESTIGATING L.A. HOUSING DEPARTMENT (Exclusive Details), Analyst Disputes AEG's "Economic Boost" Claims & More

[PICTURED: Kinda like that guy in "Willy Wonka" that zapped himself into the TV set. New techo-era=stuck online, inside a blog, y'all...just the way you like it.]

FIRST OF ALL, I'm glad my time wasn't spent, in vein. Cause whether you feel ZD had, something to do with it, or not...all I know, is after first BLOGGING about it...then BLASTING the details during the L.A. City Council meetings -- TELEVISED FOUR TIMES, EACH MEETING, on L.A. TV 35...and again...MORE public comments, screamin' about the issue of L.A. Housing Department Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP) and their "Systematic Code Enforcement" (ZD dubbed, "SCAM")...over and over and over on TV 35...PLUS, a call to the FBI, and some visits, by ZD related constituents, to HAND DELIVER, THIS ZD BLOG POST;

KEVIN JAMES, confirmed this week on the air, according to his sources (separate from Zuma Dogg saying it)...THE FBI's (ever widening) investigation of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's City Hall...NOW INCLUDES, "RENT ESCROW - SYSTEMATIC CODE ENFORCEMENT."

Here is Kevin James, on the air (8/26/11), "giving credit where credit is due.":

AUDIO: "I've gotta tell you, cause I'm gonna give credit where credit is due, Zuma Dogg, caller to this show, and known in City circles around city hall...someone who regularly calls out corruption on his blog, sent me old blog posts he had written about on (Systematic Code Enforcement/LA Housing Dept.) One of them in 2010 and another one in 2007. And he was asking some interesting questions. And from what I heard, "Systematic Code Enforcement" (part of LADH/Rent Escrow (REAP), IS part of the FBI investigation. Now, when Zuma Dogg was yelling about it, it WAS NOT part of the FBI investigation. But he was asking questions." - Kevin James (870-KRLA/Los Angeles, 8/26/11)

GARCETTI: DAMN, did it cost you a lot...not only for keepin' ZD around as a gadfly to keep trippin' over corruption...but for the day you cut me off, for what I thought was an unjust reason...and you made me EXPLODE FOR A MONTH on this Roberto Aldape/Haka Mortezai/RENT ESCROW CRAP! (How's it all workin' out for you? Wonder what's NEXT? I didn't expect to stumble upon Pension Fraud, or L.A. Housing Department Fraud. But people LOVE jammin' me with this stuff.) (8/26/11 - 8PM) Analyst casts doubt on economic benefit of downtown L.A. stadium [REALLY? That's IMPOSSIBLE? AEG/Liewikie wouldn't pad/inflate/bamboozle the numbers, would he?]

EXCERPT: The office that advises the California Legislature voiced doubts Friday about the level of economic benefit that would come from an NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles, saying studies commissioned by the project's developer "likely overstated" the financial boost it would deliver.

Speaking to a state Senate panel reviewing the plan by developer Anschutz Entertainment Group, policy analyst Mark Whitaker warned that football stadiums typically have a minimal effect on a region's economic growth, largely because they become a magnet for household entertainment dollars that were already being spent elsewhere in the area.

In many cases, families that have bought tickets to events at the Home Depot Center in Carson, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and other local venues would probably shift those same dollars to the proposed Farmers Field in downtown Los Angeles, said Whitaker, who works in the Legislative Analyst's Office.


HERE'S THE POST THAT RE-CAPS the L.A. Housing Department - Rent Escrow (REAP), Systematic Code Enforcement, that Kevin James said the FBI is now investigating, according to his sources. (ZD already heard this, from his separate sources. So looks like you can take it to the bank...I mean, judge.) KRLA 870 Kevin James, Confirmed Zuma Dogg's Claim...FBI=INVESTIGATING L.A. Housing Department on ZD's "RENT ESCROW" PET PEEVE ISSUE! (Now FBI's "Peeve," Too, Garcetti! Good Luck!)

AND HERE IS THE ZUMA DOGG, 2 Minute "Public Comment" on TV 35, that explains it, too. GIVE A LISTEN. ALL U NEED TO KNOW!:

AND, AS ALWAYS...the latest breaking thoughts from the mind of Zuma Dogg, in the Twitter column, in the left hand side of this blog. (Plus, ANY breaking the LA Times article on AEG economic analysis, that I could within 15 minutes of it being posted on, then triggered the rest of this post. Check, all weekend...for continuous updates...while the rest of the media world takes the weekend off, and offers re-runs, and slow news days. (IT'S NEVER A SLOW NEWS DAY! IF IT IS...I'LL GO OUTSIDE, AND MAKE SOME FRICKIN' NEWS! Like, THIS, from today: I had to get involved , again, and tell LAPD what to do. They took the 7X warned fool's sign. )

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