Friday, September 30, 2011

VIDEO HERE!: L.A. Mayoral Candidate ZUMA DOGG Weighs in on National Radio w/David Shuster on FOX NEWS PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE (DOGG GOT SHUSTER'S VOTE!)

[PICTURED: Docaillos! David calls David. Shuster Digging Dogg! "You just got MY vote for Mayor of Los Angeles," - David Shuster (9/30/11) on NATIONAL RADIO BROADCAST ACROSS U.S. Someone in Wilmington, NC sent ZD facebook message, "you are a hero to our country and the people," Newt Gingrich sent me a tweet in reply to my "Quality & Productivity," 14 Pt plan...MAYBE ZUMA DOGG IS SELLING HIMSELF SHORT, RUNNING FOR LOUSY MAYOR OF SOME BROKE-DOWN TOWN!]

BREAKING MEDIA: L.A. Mayoral Candidate Zuma Dogg Addresses the U.S. on National Radio Talk Show (Bill Press Show), with David Shuster, filling in, as guest host. The topic was the FOX NEWS PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE, when "boos" broke out from the audience, during a question. UP FOR DEBATE, THIS MORNING ON "THE BILL PRESS SHOW" with DAVID SHUSTER, filling in was, "Should the moderator have quieted the boos, or even any of the Presidential candidates, on the stage. Since this had 1st Amendment expression applications at a candidate forum, of which I have sat through many, as L.A. mayoral candidate in the last election; plus the hundreds of other meetings in City Hall (PROTECTED by 1st Amendment), Zuma Dogg called in to set the record straight for the U.S.

Thank you to Mr. Shuster for not only saying, "You just got MY vote for mayor of Los Angeles," but for saying, after: "Even if he HAD been a crackpot..." meaning he obviously couldn't tell that I was. OFF TO A GOOD START! ZUMA DOGG FOR MAYOR OF LOS ANGELES...2013! I'm already a hero to the country and it's people, according to someone in Wilmington, NC. Newt Gingrich sent me a tweet reply to my "Quality & Productivity" article/plan for the U.S...but I don't feel like running for President, so I'll be a BIG FISH in a small pond, and just have to serve the people of Los Angeles, as mayor.

HERE'S WHAT I (CAN) LOOK LIKE ON TV, AS L.A. MAYORAL CANDIDATE, LAST TIME. Listen to what was said. NOW, the FBI seems to agree, as they investigate multiple L.A. City Hall departments, under Mayor Villaraigosa, "as wide and high, as needed." AN L.A. POLITICAL ICON SPEAKS! (Do a Rassmusen Poll!)

Since a lot of mention of ZD's "Quality & Productivity 14 Point Plan" for economic recovery, here is the article: (COPY & PASTE and TWEET on TWITTER, if you like!)


Catch up on all the latest Antonio Villaraigosa & L.A. City Council municipal-wrecking fraud, waste and abuse. They create the blueprint and template that the rest of the county uses. ANNOYING Sarah Palin voice: "HOW'S IT WORKIN' FOR YA?""

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