Sunday, February 26, 2012

List of Academy Award Oscar Winners LEAKED - READ LIST OF WINNERS, HERE!

You DESPERATE FOOL! Get a LIFE! Who GIVES A FUCK about AWARDS about ART? It is the most WORTHLESS event and biggest waste of your time, on the entire planet, all year. The people who won awards DID something. People who watch them accept awards are LOSERS! If your favorite movie LOST to another movie, did you enjoy the movie less -- and should you run out to see the movie that won?

HERE IS A REAL LIST OF THINGS YOU SHOULD CONCERN YOURSELF WITH. The city you live in is trampling your rights and violating law in the way they access fines.

AND, if you want to see some TRULY stunning on camera performances, that OTHER Academy Award nominees and winners have been AMAZED by, see embedded videos, here and on this YouTube page:

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