Monday, May 4, 2009

Does L.A. Pension Scandal Tie To (City Attorney Candidate) Jack Weiss at Home?

[Pictured: City Attorney candidate Jack Weiss reads the latest post by Zuma Dogg and sees he still has nothing better to do thank blog about all the corruption people email his way.]
From L.A. Daily Blog

Longtime Los Angeles City Councilmember and CURRENT City Attorney candidate Jack Weiss' wife, Leslie Kautz (Aka: Leslie Kautz-Weiss) was (is?) an investment pension advisor for the Metro Transit Authority (MTA) employee pension fund.

There is an L.A. Superior Court lawsuit from July 31, 2001 (case # BC255110) filed by MTA against the pension investment house that lost $17 million; with Leslie Kautz named as a third party.

Kautz was represented by Mannatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP (Los Angeles, CA 90064) in the case. AND GUESS WHAT...Jack Weiss, for some reason, shows OUTGOING expenditures on the LA City Ethics website to Mannatt, Phelps & Phillip (and I've already added up over $100,000 from what I see here) -- as recently as 2008 and March 31st 2009...FOR LEGAL DEFENSE!!! (Hummana, hummana, hummana!) WHOSE LEGAL DEFENSE???

AND NOW, that Zuma Dogg has unraveled this whole LACERS pension scandal (See SEC investigation), the whole thing looks like a bunch of people have to get Jack elected as City Attorney to try and keep as much of this mess from being exposed by the NEXT city attorney.

By the way, the city attorney election is Tuesday, May 19th. Carmen Trutanich is the OTHER guy running.

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