Monday, May 18, 2009


If you haven't made up your mind yet, let me make it simple. If you have followed Zuma Dogg over these past three years, and look to me for an opinion on City Hall matters, ALL ROADS LEAD TO MAKING SURE JACK WEISS DOES NOT BECOME CITY ATTORNEY. I have blogged about the Wetherly Captial connection to Jack Weiss, and for that reason alone, I have to STRONGLY URGE YOU TO PLEASE REMEMBER TO TELL EVERYONE YOU SEE, BETWEEN NOW AND WHEN THE POLLS CLOSE, TO "JUST SAY NO" TO CORRUPTION...AND VOTE "YES" FOR CARMEN TRUTANICH.

DO NOT BE BAMBOOZLED BY NEGATIVE ATTACK ADS FROM JACK WEISS' CORRUPT POSSE. This election is about much bigger things (and by "things" I mean corruption at it's highest level) than anything covered in these dumb ads meant to scare you.

I said let's keep this simple...I CANNOT THINK OF ANYTHING WORSE IF YOU ARE AGAINST CORRUPTION THAN HAVING JACK WEISS AS CITY ATTORNEY. Call me if you need me to further talk you off the ledge, if you are still thinking of voting for Jack.

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