Monday, May 18, 2009

This Email From Wetherly Captial INSIDE SOURCE Looks Like A Deposition! (Maybe it SHOULD Be!)

HERE IS AN EMAIL FROM THE WETHERLY INSIDE SOURCE JUST SENT OUT TO HIS EMAIL ADDRESS BOOK. Try and follow along people. Now that people are watching, and this guy has some unique, possibly "deposition worthy" material to offer, I'll post the whole thing on this blog to give you an idea of what I am looking at. SOME GOOD STUFF IN HERE!

From: Mr. Source
To: Everyone

Can you imagine being in Vicky Schiff

or Dan Weinstein’s


(Vicky and Dan are Wetherly Capital's Co-Managing Partners.)

It is coming down!

Zuma Dogg ,

who has all the goods to EXPOSE each and every crook in the world, with the help of his supporters that had him coming in 4th out of 10 candidates for LA Mayor election (without spending a penny on a campaign) - has yet to tie in a February 7th, 2002 article in the Los Angeles Times with the Wetherly Capital Group board meeting, I not only attended the following day, February 8th, 2002, but there is not a single person, who attended this most mind-boggling meeting of the biggest crooks currently still operating in California, who would disagree, whether or not placed under oath, better yet, hooked up to a Polygraph machine administered by a seasoned FBI examiner, that for the first 30 minutes – before I left at 2:30 pm - I controlled the entire discussion, as I went around the room, starting with Dan Weinstein (with the closest of money ties to Ron Burkle of Yucaipa, who hired Bill Clinton immediately after he left the White House where his last official act was to give Marc Rich a Presidential Pardon at the 11th hour), who was seated to my right, asking each person, and ending with Ms. Vicky Schiff seated to my left, what each of them were contributing to the all important WCG’s California Agricultures Partners [CAP] water fund project.

As the time approached for her to answer this not exactly inconsequential question, had her resisting increasingly less, as she was increasingly more concerned about saving her own neck than protecting her co-managing director Dan Weinstein, as she began to realize, that the documents she had taken the lead role in preparing for this meeting, whose purpose was to “schmooze” me, following two meetings on December 28th, 2001 involving Governor Gray Davis now seeking re-election in the upcoming November 2002 California Gubernatorial election and Vivendi’s top U.S. executives, and at the same time incriminate me in Wetherly Capital’s “pay to play” deal between their most favorite foreign multi-national water conglomerate client Vivendi, who from the turn of the last century have along with their sister corporation Suez, served the best interests of their masters, the monopoly De Beers, and Democratic Governor Gray Davis, would end up haunting her for the rest of her life; to mention little, of how proud were both Vicky and Dan that they had managed to get the Los Angeles District Attorney, who was now working for WCG’s Mayor Mr. Hahn, to squash a most damaging investigation of Dan Weinstein; to mention in passing, Mr. Hahn during the LA Mayoral campaign (summer of 2001) had been conducting his campaign from the offices of WCG; i.e. Hahn and his political hacks were using WCG’s telephone banks-equipment to raise monies which for obvious reasons was a “ no-no”; moreover, WCG who exclusively back Democrats when not at the same time backing their opponents to stay quiet, were engaged in raising monies for politicians such as Republican William Simon,

the son of William E. Simon, Sr., the former multi-billionaire Secretary of the Treasury, who “came from way behind”, thanks to WCG, to beat former Republican Mayor of LA, Richard J. Riordan

in the Republican Gubernatorial primary election, leading Guv Gray Davis winning the coveted seat now Arnold sits in, without however, first procuring the necessary securities licenses, which is the sort of stuff you would think might bother people like Stanford Law School, Securities Law Professor Joe Grundfest Esquire, a former Commissioner of the Securities Exchange Commission; and so you shouldn’t really have much trouble seeing, not only why the WCG following this February 8th, 2002 meeting were so very eager to keep me happy and quiet, but to have their lawyer, Stanford Law School graduate William H. Jackson Jr. Esq. (currently the Villarigosa-appointed CRA Chairman), write me the biggest nonsense letter on April 3rd, 2002, in an effort to settle me with money, which I refused; because even though, I as well as my advisors including skilled and a most experienced litigator I work with, knew I could have got millions, if not tens of millions of dollars out of Burkle-Clinton and Co. by signing their Hush Money agreements, I would have so very compromised my very good name; the fact the fact that it is doubtful any other human on the planet would have turned down the monies, and who would argue under the guise, “someone else is doing it, and if it is not me, then it is going to be someone else anyway”, may say something about my character. The letter was not that convincing.


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