Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meg Whitman Blows California Gubernatorial Hopes (ALREADY) Over Medical Marijuana Comments

Welp, I thought it was going to be fun having Meg Whitman in the California Governor's race. It would have been fun to blog and talk about Meg because she is a woman with man-sized money and political outsider who has run a major company (eBay) as CEO.

And although Whitman's Gubernatorial-hopeful challenger Steve Poizner already brought up some good points as to her lack of administrative ability while at eBay, I know it was going to drive the other professional politician "machine" candidates NUTS! (Steve Poizner looks to be the "Zuma Dogg" candidate in this election. He won't win, but brings up great stuff about the other in the media as a candidate.)

But the affair is over, before I was able to blog my first "drive 'em nuts" post about Meg, over her reply regarding Schwarzenegger's comments about (opening a discussion) on legalizing medical marijuana:

Meg Ditzman: "I am absolutely 100 percent not in favor of legalizing marijuana, for any is absolutely the wrong thing to do...there's lots of other ways that we can solve this budget crisis.''

Oops...WRONG ANSWER! She forgot that she was running for Governor of California and forgot she was talking to voters. See Shmeg, voters APPROVED Prop 215 and SB 240. You may be surprised to find how mainstream and popular medical marijuana use is in the State. (And, is TOO popular and TOO mainstream/widely used.)

Hey Ditzman: Have you noticed how many compassion co-operatives have popped up all across Los Angeles, alone? (More than the city can keep track of!) And guess what, as an economist, I can tell you, that means there is a BIG DEMAND. Because in case you haven't heard, most businesses are having a hard time and barely making it, if not going under.

So think about it? Quite a demand. And that demand is comprised of registered voters in the State of California. And the "medical marijuana" crowd, is also the AIDS crowd, and a large gay crowd.


So how about sending it back into the streets and let the criminals distribute it...then it can be ONE BIG PARTY IN THE STREETS AND THE STATE WON'T COLLECT A DIME!

I am CERTAINLY not a ONE ISSUE guy, and anyone who knows me can vouch for that. And I am willing to hold my nose and look the other way on a lot of stuff, in favor of a bigger picture.

But I guess my biggest complaint, that too many people are "one-issue" people, I still do not think that I am, but I guess I see that one issue can NIX a candidate.

And Meg, you have been NIXED!

Have fun wasting your money.

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