Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zuma Dogg Political Quick Tweets (TWITTER Update for 5/26/09)

  1. LA TIMES article on Villaraiogsa PENSION SCANDAL:
  2. L.A. radio talk show host Kevin James is rallying listeners for a Villaraigosa recall campaign, just as he's thinking of running for Gov.
  3. HEY ROCKTARD are a lame duck loser with NO hope of ANY political future.GET OUT OF THE WAY YOU JURY TAMPERER!
  4. OUTGOING City Attorney Rocky Delgadilldo is making things difficult for new CA Trutanich over tenured workers Rocky say can't be fired.
  5. Video: Zuma Dogg HAMMERS CIty Council on Pension Scandal:
  6. Need to come off the street and recover from past year for about a month starting with 8 hours sleep (not 3 or 4) and good nutrition. When!?
  7. I have a lot to blog, but am sleepier than I have ever been. Gonna have to take a break. Damn, I have never needed off the streets more.
  8. BIGGEST ZD "I TOLD YOU SO" EVER!: L.A. City Council had hearing today on LACERS pension reform. Experts confirmed ALL the shadiness ZD said.
  9. BULLET PROOF YUCON ALERT: Did Villaragiosa order a bullet proof extended YUKON SUV for himself in this budget crisis. What caused the worry?
  10. @ryanjbell thanks for noticing my comments on LA City's housing policy at today's meeting. I'll post vid links on my
  11. I have never been to San Pedro, but I want to go there MUCH more often for public comment. It's an EMPTY ghost town. It was like a vacation.
  12. Had a GREAT time w/Matt Dowd for City Council public comment LIVE from San Pedro. The people at City Hall were SO happy to see us show up!
  13. @michaellinder Thanks for aksing about ZD 4 Gov. ZD is known in L.A, but I admit, Statewide makes ZD too small a fish. I'll wait 4 mayor!
  14. If someone has a spare ticket to tonight's Barack Obama Hollywood fund raising dinner, call me. I'm hungry and could use a plate of food.
  15. All I heard from my Obama spinner friend was how if GM went bankrupt in this way, it would be BAD NEWS for Wall Street. Looks like BAD NEWS!
  16. Hard to believe Villaraigosa is thinking of a Governor run with re-call on the way, Gavin AHEAD and the Prez of U.S.committed to you LOSING.
  17. Wonder if Mayor Antonio VIllaraigosa will be allowed into Barack's fundraiser tonight? Barack supports "Anyone but Antonio" for Governor.
  18. Barack Obama is in Los Angeles today for a Democratic fundraiser for Hollywood elite. Hope Obama likes graffiti. It's ALL he's gonna see!
  19. Someone, while trying to attack me on a blog said, "He is dispensing information and advice to the Mayor like he is a guru." Really? Thanks!
  20. In Sept '07, people told me STOCKS outperforms "slower" GOLD. If you bought and held gold you would be even today. What about your stocks?

  21. When I SCREAMED get out of stocks and INTO GOLD in '07 at $800 range, it went to $1000. Even if you "bought & held" you would be even today.
  22. Head of Police Commission just resigned. He was appointed by Villaraigosa. He says he suddenly too busy. Hmmmm.
  23. Ouch, I'm up, broke and uncomfortable. I wish there were some value to what I do, OBVIOUSLY there isn't any, or I wouldn't be in pain.
  24. Oh no, if Wendy Greuel is supporting A.Cuomo who's probably running for Governor, then Cuomo will probably support Villar for Governor. NYCA
  25. With Villar-ally Wendy Greuel openly raising money for New Yorker Andrew Cuomo, could it be long before Antonio is told to pitch in, too?
  26. Heard Villaraigosa using terms today like, "Golden State of California" and "broken system." That's what you say when running for Governor!

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