Monday, May 4, 2009

Zuma Dogg Places Two Blogs in BNN's STATEWIDE "Influence" Ranker, This Week!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009
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I don't remember getting numbers like THESE, ever? Here's only a month ago:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

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And now...

Oh, HELL YEAH, do I ever like this statistic from Blog Net News. Although Zuma's blogging has been in the Top 10 more, recently, now that I have a somewhat functional wi-fi laptop (I have to hold the screen and tap it a lot as I type with the other hand), I REALLY like THIS statistic when they break it down to "per-post" readership.


Blogs ranked by BNN Influence

Per-post Influence

This somewhat experimental measure attempts to distinguish tease out the difference between blogs that have a lot of impact, at least in part, because of the volume of posts they produce as opposed to blogs that post less often, but whose post have a greater individual impact on the state's blog conversation.

Rank- Blog -Previous
1 Davenetics 8
2 The Centrist OC -
3 Zuma Times 4
4 The Claremont Conservative -
5 The Rose Report 1
6 OC Progressive 3
7 L.A. Daily Blog 16
8 Darleen's Place 20
8 5
10 Home of Uncommon Sense 16
11 The Policy Report 6
12 Jeff Doolittle dot com -
13 A Better Oakland -
13 Calitics 7
15 San Diego Politico -
16 Monterey County Democrats -
16 Shark Blog -
18 Politics in the Zeros 10
19 Opinion Shop -
20 Lying Media Bastards 11

This is the "quality" vs "quanity" (sheer numbers) statistic. And I gots TWO (2) blogs in the Top 10, y'all...AW, double HELLZ YEAH!!!

I've been broke out of my mind, sleeping on the cold streets and there are a whole BUNCH of blogs across the STATE (like ALL of them, except two -- and
no L.A. blogs) that are not as "influential" according to the ranker that so many people submitted their blog to be a part of. (LOL!) Newspapers, talk show hosts, Kevin Roderick, political operatives, entire organizations and political parties, EVERYONE...WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?!?!? (I think I know)

Thanks for reading everyone! Why do you think I put pressure on myself to keep cranking it out? It ain't easy, but at least it's not in vein cause the results seem to be there. I know I have a big following on TV 35, but did realize it was "like that" with the blogging. Daaaaaaaaamn, not to make too much about it, but YEAH, guess I'm shocked and surprised. I'm not out there "working it," just posting. And even Robert Reich's blog didn't rank, and he was a big Deming mentor of ZD's. So I'm gonna try to bite the bullet harder and hang in there for all the people trying to get this CalPERS story out there through my blog.

AND, I would like to add on a personal note, the stuff I blog about is NOT a bunch of filler, fluff, or national jibber-jabber designed to drive hits. It's not links to Ruetuers press releases; I don't wait until a newspaper prints something before I talk about it; and NONE of it is based on hundreds of nutty comments.

So again, although you can't use numbers to look ahead, they can help you see the results of the past, and when I see stats like these, HELL YEAH, I'm gonna blog till I drop! Thanks again for reading and thanks to the few of you good, good people who are doing all the heavy lifting for everyone else with all the REAL money. (I am NEVER posting about you in my sleep-deprived, hunger-based rants. ;0)

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