Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zuma Dogg's Sunday TWITTER Madness on Los Angeles.City CORRUPTION (That Includes New York)

[Pictured: Zuma Dogg in action from his San Pedro remote studio.]

# Tell Bill Clinton and Andrew Cuomo that their man-puppet Villaraigosa blew it in L.A. and they just lost the State of Californina in 2010.

# A new source contacted me last night about IBEW stuff. They claim Villar/Greuel and Hahn ain't so clean, but dirty as hell. Surprised?

# Does anyone read this Twitter crap I am posting? If so, send a message. This is kinda a big HUGE waste of life. Send a message as a test.

# Good morning. I'm expecting a very productive day on the street starting at 4:14am. Things are going well and I am well.

# Goodnight everybody! That's it for Tweets today. Gonna be a long night on the cold street. I know it's my fault but I am having a hard time.about

# My blog ranked Top 5 in State again this week on ranker of about 100 news blogs. But who cares, I'm hungry, broke and sleep on the street.

# Although no one has pushed harder/taken more risk on this PensionGate issue, my inside source just accused me of having my silence bought.

# IRONIC:Although I am losing my mind and health on streets, tired and broke, my Wetherly source just called to scold me FOR NOT DOING ENOUGH!

# They say people get what they deserve. I have NOTHING. I know it's my fault but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with, only harder.

# Anyone interested in reading the Century City/Westfield settlement with Westwood Homeowners Association? If so, maybe I can let you read.

# MORE PENSION B.S. Regarding Newhall Ranch: The plan which could be approved Monday by a bankruptcy judge is going to sting the CalPERS fund.

# I made it to 4:44 PM today. I can't stay awake any longer at this wi-fi cafe. I have to go to sleep now. Will have to settle for sidewalk.

# Clintons made Villaraigosa invest PENSION MONEY in shady Henry Cisneros housing projects. Pension fund lost $7 BIL last year. This is how.

# In '95 Villar appoint Wetherly attorney W. Jackson to CRA as Chair. Wetherly controls pension board. Pension board invests in CRA projects.

# Simon was a client of Wetherly's at the same time they were behind Davis for Gov. Wetherly's Julio Ramirez was in charge of the Simon fund.

# When Gov Gray Davis wanted challenger Bill Simon silent on water crisis during '02 election, Wetherly started $100 mil fund for Simon!

# When Vivendi needed a CRITICAL meeting with Gov Gray Davis, Wetherly Capital was able to make that happen. Just needed 42,000 acres, first!

# The Clintons Henry Cisneros Andrew Cuomo Ron Burkle Darius Anderson Dan Weinstein Julio Ramirez William H. Jackson Antonio Villaraiogsa CRA.

# I'm told Clinton is top U.S. "bag man" for De Beers with Ron Burkle under him. Weinstein/Wetherly, Anderson/Yucaipa also grease elections.

# ROOT OF CORRUPTION: De Beers controls elections by financing a few U.S. "bag men" who use money to back candidates in elections like yours!

# If you wonder why Zuma Dogg blames the DWP water crisis and rate hike on Gray Davis, Vivendi and Wetherly Capital, DO MORE RESEARCH LIKE ZD!

# REMEMBER: June ist DWP "mandatory conservation" pricing goes into effect because Gray Davis, Vivendi and Wetherly Capital behave criminally.

# Speaking of Pay-To-Play: Did you read my post about City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo? Is it possible 100% of city attorney contracts are PTP?

# STATE & FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS: If you would like to hear about Wetherly Capital "Pay-To-Play" with Vivendi & then Gov Gray Davis, call ZD.

# Zuma Dogg, you are great, man. Keep it going. I sense the momentum. You've got some balls and it's fun to watch.

# I wonder if Zuma Dogg's story includes any relief from the streets, or is just a story of down slide that ends quietly on the street one.

# @dto510 "Yes, you have to be an attorney and a several-year member of the state bar to run for AG." That SUCKS! What a bunch of BS! (LOL!)

# Obama needs to print up more money so Richard Alarcon and Los Angeles City Council can funnel it into risky crony projects that go bankrupt.

# Do you actually have to BE an attorney to be CA Attorney General? I hope not. If not, I want to run for CA AG so I can go after corruption.

# ZUMA DOGG for California ATTORNEY GENERAL: I will investigate and prosecute pension corruption & City Attrny Rocky Delgadillo's Pay-To-Play.


# JUST SO PEOPLE KNOW, I am homeless and starving and broke, DO NOT CONTACT ME WITH YOUR PROBLEMS TODAY PLEASE! What do you want from me?

# I'm getting inundated with too much information this morning. NONE of it ANYTHING good for me. Don't bother me with other people's shit.

# Anyone know about Lennar (Darius Anderson) and Newhall Ranch debacle, in which CalPERS lost A BILLION DOLLARS? Should Darius be in prison?

# I am up way too early again. Does anyone have anything for my burning eyes? I am at Venice Beach today if you can buy me breakfast/lunch.

# LAUSD says summer school is canceled! Among problems, kids will graduate later/less competitive internationally. System must admit failure.

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