Monday, November 30, 2009

Zuma Dogg - LA Daily Blog Twitter Tweets on LA City Politics & Wall Street BREAKING NEWS (Plus, SITE REVAMPED!)

[Pictured: The "Man With The Plan" in Tweet #1 patiently waiting for Garcetti, Greuel or anyone ELSE who wants to be mayor to start embracing him. ZD can channel him on good days. Still a toss-up as to who is more sarcastic and cranky. I say HE is! Others may digress.]

#1. L.A. City Will Finally Embrace Deming's 14 Points for the Budget DOOMSDAY Scenario they un-veiled last week. DEMING INFO: 3 minutes ago from HootSuite

2. RT @LATimescitydesk: We have video up now of Schwarzenegger being booed at Hollywood Park yesterday: 7 minutes ago from HootSuite

3. Add my friends @beckfordparents on Twitter - LAUSD PTA...tweets you'll find interesting. 8 minutes ago from HootSuite

4. ZUMA DOGG WILL BE HERE...HE SKATES!: Ice Skating Rink in Santa Monica - Fifth & Arizona St. $10 includes skates. 10 minutes ago from HootSuite

5. RT @nprpolitics: Marijuana Sales Boost Northern California County 14 minutes ago from HootSuite

6. NEW: Check for LA Daily Blog - News Tweets Updated Throughout The Day. (Stories from across the internet - ZD's NewsWIRE 15 minutes ago from HootSuite

7. The Zuma Dogg Venice Holiday House Warming Party coming about two weeks! (Yes, Zuma Dogg's homeless era will come to an end soon!) 19 minutes ago from HootSuite

8. ZD's RECESSION SPECIAL: L.A. City can settle Dogg/Dowd's 1st Amendmentt lawsuit for only $225,00 each. Once judge rules, WHOLE CITY CAN SUE! about 1 hour ago from HootSuite

9. Yes, people call me a genius, prophet and legendary icon...but they also call me delusional, so YOU be the judge! about 1 hour ago from HootSuite

10. Zuma Dogg's Wall Street Wrap Up for "Dubai World" Monday (Biggest Gainers & Losers on ZD's Wall Street Watch List) about 2 hours ago from HootSuite

11. RT @josehuizar: LA grapples again with pot shops: For the third week in a row, L.A. City Council will ATTEMPT to pass.. about 2 hours ago from HootSuite

12. Re-Tweet @JoseHuizar that CITY DOES NOT NEED A $200 MILLION TROLLEY TO NOWHERE! Broadway Improvement Plan Gets Hearing about 2 hours ago from HootSuite

13. Zuma Dogg Invites You To LAUSD (District 3) Holiday Mixer -- THIS WEDNESDAY about 3 hours ago from HootSuite

14. Zuma Dogg's Twitter Tweets For Monday 11.30.09 -- ZD is PANICKED That L.A. City's Economic Future Is Tied To "Bulli... about 16 hours ago from HootSuite

Carmen Trutanich, Bill Rosendahl, Dennis Zine & Zuma Dogg Endorse Chris Essel for L.A. City Council and ask you to VOTE for her next Tuesday Dec 8th. Richard AlarcCON endorses State-Bankrupting Seat-Jumping ASSemblyman Paul Krekorian. (Do we REALLY want another State ASSemblyman in the L.A. City Council Horseshoe? Zuma Dogg doesn't SO MUCH, that he is even ENDORSING ESSEL! (That's how bad I think it would be!)
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