Saturday, January 16, 2010

LA Daily Blog Week In Review & BREAKING NEWS...City of Los Angeles to DECLARE BANKRUPTCY in Three (3) Months (DO THE NUMBERS)

LA DAILY BLOG ranks #4 this week on BlogNetNews ranking of 100 California News blogs. TOP L.A. blog. Mayor Sam drops out of Top 20.

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CITY OF LOS ANGELES TO DECLARE BANKRUPTCY IN THREE (3) MONTHS: Zuma Dogg just crunched the numbers, and in about three (3) months, BIG JOHN will have to step in and throw in the towel on the budget emergency in Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraiogsa will be walking over to bankruptcy court and filing on behalf of the city.

IT'S OVER, just watched Antonio's Mayor's Office & Garcetti's City Council drive the city off the cliff like Thelma & Louise and the city is WELL over the part of the free fall where the movie director froze the frame, in mid-air. YES, THIS car is about five feet from impact. And Zuma Dogg calculates the bankruptcy filings at a three (3) month time-frame. And of course, we all know I hate to crunch numbers and look at things like budgets, so in the end, it's like everything else I prophetize about...IT'S BASED ON THE WORD INSIDE CITY HALL!

Obama will have to step in and bail out L.A., cause it's too big to fail.

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