Monday, April 26, 2010

YouTube VIDEO SEMINAR: TONY ROBBINS - LIVE (Now Embedded at Human Awareness Training Blog)

Here are Parts 11-18 from the TONY ROBBINS - LIVE. Parts 1-10 were embedded here (including an introduction by Bill Clinton who has been using Tony since Bill was President.)

Tony is making a RARE Southern California appearance in Long Beach, July 29-Aug 1. If you can afford the $600, you should absolutely treat yourself to this phenomenal event. FORGET TRYING TO CHANGE A'll just be the biggest BLAST you've probably ever had.

Here's a small sample experience, but it's kinda like watching a Pink Floyd or Springsteen video, as opposed to being at the stadium. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WATCH, HOWEVER, and you WILL RECEIVE THE BENEFIT OF THE SEMINAR VIA THESE YouTube EMBEDDED VIDEOS.

Previously, people would pay $1000, or more for bootleg copies of videos dubbed over so many times, you could barely see through the static. So this is quite a treat from my former '90's self. I feel 15 years younger, already!

Remember to put your HAT on your head!

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