Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Los Angeles City News for Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - News, Politics & New Zuma Dogg TalkRadio Show

[Pictured: Do I LOOK like I care about your "warm & fuzzy" Zuma Dogg accolade placating? I already KNOW about the historic trailblaze...IT MEANS NOTHING COMING FROM CORRUPT, SHADY, TOO-EMOTIONALLY-WEAK-TO-STAND-UP, DEGENERATE, LOSERS! I choose to take my feedback from real people on the street and on the people's side of the rope in chambers. Hope this picture truly IS worth a thousand words. And the first words are -- STICK your settlement talk - tell it to the Judge on Feb 28th. TIME IS UP...AND THIS IS NOT AN EXTENSION TO SETTLE UNTIL FEB 28th...IT IS GOING TO SUMMARY JUDGMENT. AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT NOW, based on yesterday's conversation with the City Attorney's office. Sorry. Blame Rosendahl's private "legal concierge," Norm Kulla. (Aka: "Mr. Questions.") HE CONTINUED TO DELAY THE CITY ATTORNEY FROM PRESENTING ZUMA DOGG WITH A NUMBER. SHE HAD THE NUMBER AND WAS READY TO PRESENT IT TO US. BUT ROSENDAHL'S NORM KULLA COULD NOT SEEM TO STOP ASKING QUESTIONS. He's QUITE a philosopher and deep thinker -- ON LA CITY ATTORNEY DOLLARS!]

- for Wednesday, January 26, 2011:

LA City News TalkRadio for 1/26/11 w Zuma Dogg (click "mute" on Stickam player on upper-right hand side of this blog to hear this show from the top, or in case current show isn't streaming.)

  • TELL LA CITY COUNCIL you want the $9 BILLION in CRA money that Jerry Brown wants used for services - to go to LAFD and other city services! 54 minutes ago
  • Villaraigosa part of CRA defenders - Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and eight other leaders of California's largest citi... 56 minutes ago
  • State auditor Chang wants authority to audit local city finances. Complaints pour in on "Bell-type" scandals ELSEWHERE - 57 minutes ago
  • NOW STREAMING: New Zuma Dogg L.A. City News TalkRadio Show @ Lots of city hall talk/rants by ZD. about an hour ago
  • "As one of the most powerful and recognized voices of a generation..." - Read his blog at about 2 hours ago
  • DID I NOT WARN COUNCIL TO SETTLE VENICE & GET RID OF DOGG: Now it appears as though my LAHD/REAP blogging/TV 35 triggered FBI investigation. about 2 hours ago
  • LA's WORST-KEPT SECRET, now even WORSE KEPT: ZD hears some folks heading to FBI on Wed to tell "what they know" about LA Housing Dept/REAP. about 3 hours ago
  • ZD PUBLIC COMMENT PREVIEW: "Some of my friends couldn't be here today because they're@ the FBI providing information about LA Housing Dept." about 3 hours ago
  • APPEARS to be an FBI investigation in LA Housing Dept & Rent Escrow Program: ZD hears some folks going to tell info to FBI on Wed morning. about 3 hours ago
  • NO WONDER they'e opening a Subway Sandwich shop across the street...GOOGLE MOVING TO VENICE. Lots of people blighting up ZD's neighborhood. about 3 hours ago
  • GOOGLE/VENICE: WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO MOVE TO VENICE?: So many problems...RV's & Homeless, everywhere. OBVIOUSLY UNSAFE. about 3 hours ago
  • BAD NEWS FOR LA CITY ATTORNEY OFFICE: Zuma Dogg called FEDERAL JUDGE PREGERSON - and his clerk called back ASAP to set date. No delay there. about 7 hours ago
  • PREGERSON'S OFFICE REPLIES: Says FORGET Status Conference and file summary judgment. COURT DATE TARGETED FOR FEB 28th. about 7 hours ago
  • My friend can cook very small marijuana chocolate chip cookies that taste SO GOOD, but are SO STRONG. Too bad I didn't have em, yesterday. about 7 hours ago
  • Michael Linder's features Zuma Dogg & Psychic Marie @ Venice over LAFD SLOW RESPONSE TIME due to brown outs. about 9 hours ago
  • FOR THE RECORD: Still LOVE Bill Rosendahl and is my favorite person in the world...just not my favorite councilman, cause he's allowing B.S. about 9 hours ago
  • HEY LAPD & CITY COUNCIL...GET YOUR SHIT mean to say NEITHER of you could pull it together for a meeting? L.A.=falling apart! about 11 hours ago
  • HUNT/DOWD/DOGG CALLED PREGERSON COURT TODAY to request another STATUS CONFERENCE. A LOT to update the judge with. Wonder how he'll like it? about 11 hours ago
  • After notifying L.A. City by blog AND phone to prepare for ZD Public Comment NIGHTMARE @ LAPD & COUNCIL meeting, BOTH meetings canceled. about 11 hours ago
  • TIME TO GO DOWNTOWN...some folks need some BITCH SLAPPING on TV 35. about 15 hours ago
  • Los Angeles City News Update - WEEK IN REVIEW for Jan. 25, 2011 - City of L.A. BUDGET CRISIS MUCH WORSE THAN PEOPLE ... 1 day ago
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